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During Valentine’s season, we constantly promote things that taste like (or actually are) chocolate or candy for little gift ideas and such. So why shouldn’t we try it out for ourselves!? I don’t normally have a sweet tooth, but this blog truly made it come alive (wink wink)!

Poppin’ Rock Candy

poppin rock candy
Rock Candy Poppin’ Rock Candy

Okay, this is similar to something I probably have written about before, or at least mentioned in a previous blog, however this is a newer brand for us. It is the Rock Candy Poppin’ Rock Candy! We’ve had the original Fruit and Soda flavors, but we’ve recently been OBSESSED with the Tropical flavors. They come in Watermelon Suga, Mango Tango & Pineapple Express. I am usually very particular about Mango because it can be such a strong flavor, but surprisingly I really enjoyed this one! Watermelon was as expected when you try an artificial watermelon flavor, and Pineapple.. well I didn’t hate it. I did expect to love it because I do like both natural and artificial pineapple flavors, but this just didn’t strike me as pineapple-y as I would have liked, I think? However I still enjoy it overall because WHO DOESN’T LOVE THINGS POPPIN IN YOUR MOUTH?! For this particular review, I did mostly focus on the flavor rather than what it can do because I think it is fairly obviously what the intended use is for (blow jobs… they’re for blow jobs). Overall I love the Rock Candy Poppin’ Rock Candy – it’s a simple and inexpensive little thing that can spice up almost any Valentine’s rendezvous!

Milk Chocolate Body Pen

lusty licker chocolate body pen
Milk Chocolate Body Pen

Okay, so the Milk Chocolate Body Pen was something that I had a feeling I would enjoy and … I truly did! I’ve actually had this pen before but when it was chocolate & strawberry. They no longer make that combo (that I am aware of), but that doesn’t mean you still can’t enjoy the single milk chocolate pen for a decent price. The best thing about this pen is that it comes out so smoothly so you can draw anything on any body part you’d like to lick! The pen does taste perfectly like a Valentine’s Day treat so having to store away this cute little gift for a fun night with your partner will be all you need. This is perfect for food play as well if it is something you might be interested in!

Erotic Lovers Chocolate Body Paint

Erotic Lovers Chocolate Body Paint from Hott Products
Erotic Lovers Chocolate Body

The Erotic Lovers Chocolate Body Paint was the main focus for me this review and here is why – I do promote this a lot on social media and use it for puns and such. It makes a great small gift for all the holidays including Christmas and Easter. I did truly have high hopes for this little gift idea, but this one unfortunately didn’t impress me as much as I had hoped. I figured I wouldn’t love the white chocolate because it’s not at the top of my fave list in general so in trying that one, I was less surprised. Strawberry is always an up-in-the-air kind of flavor for me with chocolate and I actually enjoy this one probably the most! Even after I was done doing my review, I kept snacking on the strawberry jar (hehe oops). The chocolate jar – I’m not sure how I truly feel about it. It actually had a more fudge-y taste than a milk chocolate taste which isn’t bad but I just wasn’t expecting it. The thing that truly was disappointing was how hard the chocolate actually was when we opened it. It wasn’t bad or expired, it just wasn’t spreadable like it is probably supposed to me (idk, I feel like paint would normally be easily spreadable??? AM I WRONG???). I did warm up the Erotic Lovers Chocolate Body Paint in hot water to let it get to a better spreadable consistency but it still wasn’t as perfect as I would have liked. And no, I did not try to microwave the jars because it didn’t mention you could and I was scared it was going to melt the plastic. They’re only 2 oz jars (each) so there isn’t much to them. In fact, there isn’t much of any instructions at all. I also wasn’t exactly sure to expect a brush of any sorts, but there wasn’t one if you were wondering.

Overall, I would say the Milk Chocolate Body Pen has the most value to it between taste and intended usage. When it comes to the Rock Candy Poppin’ Rock Candy, sure it works (but it will depend on your partner’s preference as well), but I’d be down just to eat them as a sweet treat. Because I was slightly disappointed with the Erotic Lovers Chocolate Body Paint, I don’t know that I could post them as much as I do knowing how they aren’t as spreadable. Also, I caution anyone with a vulva/vagina using these near your vulva/vagina. They all have actual sugar in them which can cause issues with your pH balance and potentially cause issues. Keep it away from there but anywhere (including your butt) would be fine!

Stay Sexual!

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