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Okay, weird title, I know BUT there have been two occasions in the past two months which I was I was asked by my general manager (we shall call her Naomi) to (re)try products. Challenged accepted. The first one of them was something I tend to not recommend because of my not so positive experience with it. That product? ON Arousal Oil for Her. Despite being around for a while and being fairly well known, my personal experience was simply that it didn’t work for me and I felt like it was a waste of money. She challenged me to try it again but using the Ultra formula since she knows that I do tend to need stronger sensations with toys. Reluctantly, I took a packet and went home ready to prove Naomi wrong. When I had some free time, I opened up the foil packet, placed the arousal oil on my clit and waited… I felt the tingling within a few minutes but felt the full effect in about 15-20 minutes. It wasn’t super strong like the High Climax stimulant I reviewed, but it was stronger than I recalled. Since I don’t really own any low intensity vibration toys, I kept my Womanizer Premium on a lower setting to see how things would go and – viola! I orgasmed (but it wasn’t as strong as I’d like and it’s mostly true but partly I don’t want to admit it worked, OKAY?!).

ON Arousal Oil for Her

So, okay, technically it worked, but I sat for two days wondering – why did I think it didn’t work before? Here’s my thought process: Either the Ultra is the only formula of ON that is strong enough for me to feel OR when I tried it originally 5 years ago, I expected to walk around and feel super sensitive and orgasming at ever corner. Both could be very true at the very same time as well. With my original experience of ON being 5 years ago and not thinking much of the arousal oil since except saying “it didn’t work for me,” I won’t be able to defend myself once I tell Naomi she was right (and please don’t tell her either – I’ll never hear the end of it)! Like I said, it technically worked because arousal oil is intended to help you feel more sensitive which will help you achieve orgasm. It doesn’t make you orgasm on its own. If someone needs or prefers a more intense feeling, I would likely still suggest High Climax because of how quickly I felt its effects and how intense it was with such a small amount. However, if need something softer, I would certainly recommend going for the On Arousal Oil for Her.

Boner Bears

I know I’ve told my coworkers repeatedly (and loudly and stubbornly) since the Pink Pussycat review that I am taking a very long hiatus from trying and reviewing any edible sexual enhancements, but that ended quickly once we brought Boner Bears onto the scene. Yes, it is advertised toward penis-owning people and after many of requests to start selling them, I some how came upon eating one of the Boner Bears myself. You see, with Pink Pussycat also came along Gold Lion and of course I had King Big Cream also try the honey with me and got the same results: “EW”. However, one day he asked me about Boner Bears. I don’t recall if he said he heard about them from TikTok or a coworker, but he did text me asking about getting them for him.

Boner Bears Male Enhancement Gummies Pack of 6

OKAY BUT WHY DID YOU TRY ONE?!” …..I’m getting there!!!

So we got the bears in, I took one packet home, and a few days later 2 bears were taken. Fast forward to end of orgasm – Big Cream asked me if I noticed anything and I had responded that his the muscles causing him to cum felt intense. He then calmly asked, “Not in size though?” In my head I felt like I had possibly noticed it, but I stopped thinking about it shortly after because I was enjoying myself OKAY CREAM!? We did discuss the experience a little bit and noticed a couple of things. From a time perspective, Cream did feel like worked quickly and secondly, they tasted GOOD. Yes – you heard me – they tasted great! Cream asked me to try one buttttt I was still scared to try them, so I didn’t. I starting sharing my information with Naomi after the first time using the bears (you know, the part about tasting good). Not even a day or two later, I was being convinced by her that I need to taste them. I don’t know if it was out of fear or curiosity that I finally caved. And they were right! The best part about the bears? All of it! Now, I didn’t feel like I had noticed a body difference for myself (but I didn’t have any bad reactions and neither did Big Cream), they taste great, AND you get 3 servings in one! Heck, you might even get 6 in one if you only need a single gummy. Overall, this was a good hiatus to break. Of course, you still need to be careful if you have any heart condition or high blood pressure. Please speak to a doctor before using and be sure to always follow directions prior to using.

There is a lot of learning to be had with this combined review. For example, I never imaged I’d have any biased opinion on a male enhancement before. And, when I say Naomi knows how to pick a product for customers, I really mean she KNOWS what you guys like.

Stay Sexy Scoopers!

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