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It’s the second most wonderful time of the year (in the sex toy industry, of course) – ANAL AUGUST. And no, it does not refer to all of you being anal in getting everything together for back to school.  Just like Masturbation May, Anal August is a month wide celebration of all forms of sexual intercourse with one of our most important holes AND since (mostly) everyone has one – EVERYONE CAN ENJOY! Unless you really don’t like anal, then don’t worry about it, there’s always the next blog.

B Yours Basic Beads by Blush

I decided to focus on some beginner’s products for some of those newly interested in backdoor play and salad tossing.  Blush is a great company with a wonderful consultant and sex toy blogger who I greatly admire – Ducky DooLittle.  I was very fortunate enough to listen in to one of her webinars on anal toys and it certainly is reassuring that others within the company feel the same way about certain products.  To show my appreciation to her honestly and dedication to the industry, I decided to take a look at Blush’s Luxe line which I do tend to recommend to beginners.  First up – Silicone Beads; not much to the name, but we can all appreciate a straightforward name for the product being used.  This product is one of my favorites to recommend to beginners for a couple of reasons: 1) it’s not very scary and there’s nothing complicated about it and 2) because it is good quality material for less than $20.  The main reason I don’t think this product is as scary as other anal beads is because the lack of gap in-between each bead.  This may seem odd, but instead of the constant readjustment of your anus to take in a new, seemingly bigger bead and the removal of all the beads you have just inserted into you (wow.. wordy- sorry everyone), you have double the amount of beads and that go up in size in small increments.  Smaller growth = less pain.

Blush Luxe Rump Rimmer

I also took a look at Luxe’s Rump Rimmer Small.  If the name doesn’t freak you out, the size will.  Why?  Because a “small” for Luxe is a large for Doc Johnson.  This is something I DON’T recommend to beginners as it is larger in girth compared to many of the other plugs we own that we consider large. This product does come in mini, small, and medium.  Still, this product is a very simple design and again, under $20.  Both these products are silicone, come in the colors of pink, purple, and blue/indigo, and can be boiled or frozen for temperature play – oh the additional bonus of a better cleaning when boiled!  LIFE HACK: If you want to be sure what you’re buying is an appropriate size for you and you cannot tell through the box, you can always ask an associate for assistance and we would absolutely be able to help you! Fortunately, Luxe’s products are all in clear containers so you can easily see and compare sizes and shape. 

Of course, what would an Anal August blog be without anal lubes/desensitizers – *dun dun dun dun dun dunnnnnn!*  Yes, yes, I did try some out for the blog, BUT, full disclosure, I did not use Lance or any toys in these scenarios.  As I have mentioned before, maybe possibly to you in the store by myself or a coworker, or anyone else in the industry: ANAL SHOULD NOT HURT.  If it hurts, you’re not comfortable, so do not continue with it. Also, desensitizers are not a great idea – if anal hurts, that is your body telling you something is wrong. When you prevent your body from being able to read it’s pain level, you put yourself and/or your partner in a position to potentially get seriously injured.  The only reason I am reviewing these are because they sell themselves whether we educate you on these products or not – so I’d rather give you guys the chance to chose a better product.

Anal Eaze

I was ever so graciously given AnalEaze by my boss and the first thought that came to my mind is: “This is cherry flavored…. I have to put this in my mouth.”  So I did.  And it tasted awful. I am by no means a kink shamer… unless you like the taste of cherry or grape medicine.  You’re soulless and have warped taste buds.  But, it does work quickly.  I felt like I was at a dentist office as my tongue immediately started going numb.  To use this properly, you do need to wait a minute or two for effect.  I was asked once if a guy could go “face first” into his partner right after applying this – unless you do want to talk like a bee stung your tongue, I would wait a little.  Your mouth, anus, and vaginas (for vagina owners) are all mucous membranes that absorb things quicker than other parts of your body. You will feel effects of the benzocaine far more quickly this way than others. (LOOK MA I’M USING MY COLLEGE DEGREE!).  Science!

We have a couple of fun new hemp products in as well, so I also got the opportunity to try Butt Eze as well (ugh with these names..). Hemp, CBD, and the use of medicinal and recreational marijuana are on the rise in everyday health products, so its no surprise the toy industry is jumping on this opportunity.  The interesting thing about this anal desensitizer is that rather being advertised for anal sex, it is being treated like over the counter medication for soreness.  I do like how the company – Body Action Products – is placing drug facts on their packets (which does include warnings about irritation and allergic reactions).  I consider this a responsible decision and appreciate it despite my dislike for desensitizers.  It seemed to work fine when testing to see if I had any feeling, but I do like the idea of the after-anal use recommended on the package.  If I can’t get you to reconsider avoiding anal desensitizers, at least look into anal relaxers first.  You’ll still be able to feel everything, but these “lubes” allow your anus to open up on their own a little more.

Yes, I do recommend the Blush x Luxe products, no I do not recommend the desensitizers.  This blog I really do just want to emphasize – anal sex should not hurt, so please use this opportunity to think it over or talk with your partner. Don’t do it until you are absolutely comfortable with exploring – whether it be with a toy, a finger, or someone else – think it through and stay SAFE!

Stay Sexual!

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