Lady Genevieve Has the Sexy Scoop on Finger Vibes

Part of my daytime job requires me to encourage self-care.  Sometimes, people get annoyed at the idea of the self-care.. I am one of those people when I hear it from my coworkers as well.  But, it is a very important aspect of staying happy and healthy – mentally and physically.  Part of my self-care is exploring myself, usually with the help of another person or a toy.  I’m not one who normally liked to use my own fingers, but some of the finger vibes out on the market really do help me feel a little more comfortable with using my digits while others.. I would rather take a Brillo pad to my lady parts than use these so called “vibrators.”

Screaming-O is one of those companies that I have a love-hate relationship with.  I love how they are inexpensive and GREAT for newcomers and those a little scared to get into the world of adult toys. They’re not scary and if worse comes to worse, you didn’t break the bank buying something you absolutely hate. Fingo Tips is a toy from Screaming-O that I can absolutely say with confidence that I hate.  Sure, its disposable, so I’m probably not getting too much out of it: 30 minutes of use, batteries already included, and waterproof, but there are some additional “quirks.”  I kept accidently turning the vibe off when positioning it certain way – disruption of my flow is never a good thing.  It also felt too tight on my finger. Despite the stretch to the ring band, it absolutely felt like it was cutting off my circulation and my fingers are not THAT chubby.  It’s certainly not the toy for me as its vibrations weren’t strong enough. The good news is that for those who are more sensitive, the silicone/gel sleeve doesn’t suppress the vibes. This is probably the best vibe for couples use.  Overall, I’d rather burn my money than purchase this toy – keep this purchase to novelty purposes only.

I did try another Screaming-O product – their Color Pop Fingos.  This product is reusable which means it has some more features to it.  It comes with 2 sets of batteries (always a nice touch), has 45+ minutes of play, 3 speed plus a pulse, and a removable bullet for cleaning or other play.  This silicone sleeve also did not suppress the vibrations, which is always a positive.  I still had my issues with this particular toy.  Although it was stronger than the disposable Fingo Tips, it still couldn’t get the job done regardless of how many times I tried to use it and how much undisrupted use I had with this product.  Again, this is more intended for newcomers or those who are more sensitive – otherwise you may as way well go buy a cheap electric toothbrush … but also please recognize this is a joke and I also wouldn’t recommend this despite what Cosmo says.

I finally find a finger vibe that I wouldn’t feel ashamed of selling to a customer, and no, it isn’t from Screaming-O.  It’s from Evolved (surprise surprise), but it’s also called the Adam & Eve Rechargeable Finger Vibe – way to not confuse your customers, guys.  This guys is going to be a higher in price, but it always comes with the good features: warranty is great, rechargeable, removable silicone sleeve (real silicone, not that fake gel nonsense), waterproof and submersible, 10 functions, and of course it hit my end goal with this product!  The only downside?  It only comes in pink.. gag.

Invest in some “me” time – whether it’s an itty bitty finger vibe or a massive personal sex machine, take care of yourself.

Stay Sexual!

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