Lady Genevieve Has the Sexy Scoop on Kegels

Ever since fit has become a fad and athleisure has racked in hundreds of billions of dollars since 2015 -and continues to do well since- it is as not surprising that sexual health is following suit (but still semi surprising but that’s another issues).  Kegels are the new squats and power lifting.  Okay… maybe it’s not that intense, BUT the health benefits of these “exercises” are more important that you may realize – and if you do, keep reading anyway, there’s still more good stuff in here.

We Vibe Bloom Kegel Balls
We Vibe Bloom

I know I’m not a huge fan of the We-Vibe app, but I certainly will use it for their Bloom.  This kegel exercise set is perfect when adding pleasure to pain (tis a joke… cause you know…. exercising hurts… this is why I’m not the funny sister).  Anywhoooo – you insert this toy into your vagina and while you squeeze, the vibrations feel as though they’re intensifying.  The reason this is considered a set is because it comes with 3 different weighted balls.  When first exploring kegel toys (as well as ben wa balls), you actually start bigger and move to smaller sizes as you get better at holding onto them.  I would recommend going from the lighter ball and move to heavier because the challenge here is to gain strength.  Seriously, think of actual weights in the gym!  I mentioned sexual health benefits – meaning your body can create stronger orgasms – it also has other health benefits as well!  It helps women after childbirth, gets better blood-flow to the vagina, and helps with urinary incontinence.  You can also feel sexier and more confident in bed (if that is an issue for you, if not, GO YOU!).

Since this toy does not have a remote, you either have to remove the Bloom to change it’s function or you have to use the app (sigh…).  Due to using the app, I kind of has forced me to use it primarily for exercises rather than just pleasure (no porn use here for me).  I can’t say I didn’t orgasm while exercising, but it was not the primary intent.  The body and tail of the Bloom is silicone, but it does have a small metal ball at the end of the tail for aesthetics.  The single power button is actually an indent so it’s actually pretty easy to find and there’s no other buttons to try and figure out for changing power or frequency – well they probably can’t do that anyway for practicality and functionality.  In order to charge, you do have to remove the weighted ball and plug into the body of the Bloom.  This particular We-Vibe product has a 2-year warranty on it.  One final awesome characteristic about the Bloom is that IT ISN’T PINK.  It’s a beautiful orange-y coral color and not many companies stray away from pink or purple.  If money is not an issue and you enjoy technology-based products, this is absolutely an awesome toy.  Plus, the dual uses of the Bloom combine playtime with game time.

If you’re not sold on using toys for pleasure, consider them tools to keep some of your most precious parts in their best shape and function.  I mean, some of the body parts I discussed help build relationships and create life (if you’re into either of those things).  If you’re going to take care of yourself, make sure you cover every aspect of yourself.

Stay sexual!

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