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I get asked questions all the time about working in an adult toy store and writing blogs for reviews.  The big ones usually revolve around products: do you get free stuff?  Is its good quality or expensive?  I always answer “yes” for the free stuff, because it’s how we help review products for our customers.  I also always answer the second question the same: “It depends.”  It depends on your personal preference of a toy, how much you are willing to spend, and the company that is making the product.  Just because something is inexpensive doesn’t make it a bad product and vice versa with the more expensive products. 

Cloud 9 is a company that, I believe, their quality of toy is exactly what you expect at their prices.
Nu Sensuelle and Cloud 9 joined forces for one of our more recent training sessions.  I had to leave a little early, but they were nice enough to allow me to take my products home to test them out.  Boy, do I wish I could have stayed…I started playing with the Air Touch III – a hand held clitoral and nipple stimulator. I originally wanted their previous Air Touch products because they’re inexpensive and at the time, I did not have any of my Satisfyers; I just wanted something to try out the air pressure wave toys.  As time moved on and I got other products, I quickly forgot about the Air Touch UNTIL they came out with the III and I was like (please excuse my hyped up talking like a teenager typing) “OHMYGODILOVEHOWTHATLOOKSIWANTONEOFTHOSEITLOOKSGREAT”.

I was so pure and innocent, I had no idea what I was about to get myself into.  So, I get the Air Touch III and I start using it on my clit… or I thought I was but I felt nothing.  NOTHING.  I don’t normally panic or second guess myself but this thing had me doing that.  I start stuff it on my face and arms and everything to make sure I’d working.  It appears it is.  Hmm… so I put it on my nipple.  BAD BAD BAD idea.  It sucked SO TIGHT only my nipple, I had to break the seal of the thing gentle instead of take it off like any other product.  It HURT.  I’m not sure if it was just because of my piercings or what, but I was not a happy camper.  I went back to my fellow coworkers and asked what they though: same thing.  Awful suction for clit, strong for nipples (some liked it, others didn’t).  Lesson learned, I either stay for the training or wait before I put a suction toy anywhere.

I will say avoid at all costs unless you’re someone who needs stronger stimulation for any nipple play otherwise, spend the little extra money on a Satisfyer if you want to “try” anything.  This product is made of silicone, comes in teal and plum, rechargeable, comes with a storage bag, and has 12 functions in all.  It is ergonomic, but for those who can/want to use it for clitoral stimulation, it could be a tad smaller.

We also got a 4″ mini wand with massage tip in our Cloud 9 bags.  Of course I got excited for this because I love the smaller/mini products (good for travel and storage) and because its a silicone tipped wand – SCORE!  Right?  Wrong.  It’s battery powered.  Ugh.  It’s the little watch batteries that everyone hates.  And they were giving me a hard time with putting them in and staying on the right side (they kept flipping over on the wrong side as I put them in the wand).  There’s also no way to really turn on or off from my experience, instead I had to unscrew the bottom or it would just keep vibrating non-stop.  Again, not sure if it was because of the batteries being in wrong, but it didn’t help.  This little guy wasn’t powerful enough for me either.  The only benefit to buying battery powered toys is if you don’t use toys often because if you leave a rechargeable toy sit too long, it’ll die entirely.

In this case “too cheap” is exactly how to best describe some of the toys I’ve used by Cloud 9.  Too cheaply made giving it the inexpensive price and overall not worth it.  Save your money and save it for something that won’t make you worry about a possible trip to the ER.
Stay Sexual!

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