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One in 9 men will be diagnosed with prostate cancer every year in the United States*.  With September being National Prostate Health Month aka Prostate Cancer Awareness Month, Lance gets his time to shine once again!  No, he does not have prostate cancer, but I have been able to convince him to start taking care of it just as he would his teeth and other aspects of his health. 

Lance and I were gifted the Adam and Eve Adam’s Rechargeable Prostate Massager with Remote Control.  Lance was intrigued because it is bigger than the pegging dilido we own and slightly sturdier than the pink Dillio he tries to get me to use on him with our strap-on.  It’s made of silky smooth silicone (only the remote is ABS plastic).  The remote is super simple and you don’t need Bluetooth connection or a smart phone to use it (thank goodness).  They are both USB rechargeable with magnets, so they are waterproof!  Comes with 9 vibrating functions, ribbed based for his perineum, and flexible enough to move with him, but (as previously mentioned) sturdy enough to be inserted without any issues. This blog entry will also be a prime example as to why my opinion of toys are my own and you Scoopers may disagree with me… and that’s okay!

I thought that Lance would have loved this product: it was powerful in my hands and during the nose test.  The remote was simple enough that he wouldn’t have ot concentrate too much to find the function he liked (and yes, I did let him control it first so I wasn’t overdoing it for him).  He did appear to enjoy it initially, especially with the addition to oral.. but then again, I’m going by the sounds I hear him make and in the moment, who knows if I interpreted them right?  Apparently, Lance thought it “sucks”.  At some point, I did notice his body start tensing up, but I assumed it was because he was getting close to an orgasm.  I went to get on top of him, and he started telling me to “hold on” and “it’s coming out.”

You know how I occasionally throw something because it’s just getting in the way?  That’s exactly what Lance did.  Right across the room (still holding onto the remote for some reason) and away we went without the prostate massager.  When I asked him about it later, he said it felt as though it was shaped weird and wasn’t fitting him right.  He also felt like the motor/portion of the toy on him perineum was actually uncomfortable.  “The vibrations would have been fine, but I couldn’t stop concentrating on how awkward it felt in the inside.  Eventually, even oral wasn’t any help in staying in the moment.”  He preferred the manual prostate massager we originally had because we had “real” control of what it did and how it effected his orgasm.

I actually did some further research and found consumer reviews at other sites – all were either “we loved it” or “we hated it”.. there was no in between.  This toy is definitely something to really think about.  It is a higher priced toy, so you’ll want to make sure that you are committed to investing in it.  There are similar shaped toys that are inexpensive, but they probably won’t have better qualify of materials or warranty.  This is where it becomes truly important that you know your body, your self,  and your partner (or at least have good communication going on) before you make the leap.

Stay Sexual!

* For more information on prostate cancer and how you can help, please visit:

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