Lady Genevieve Has the Sexy Scoop on the Nu Sensuelle Touch

I recently found out who my real friends are and it’s resulted in NONE.  What does this have to do with sex toys?  As many of you may (or may not if you’re new here – otherwise WELCOME!) know, I am not a fan of patterns on vibrators.  I prefer the steady speeds and tend to ignore the patterns after I really get the chance to experiment and write my reviews.  The worst part about the vibes is you have to go through all 7 or 9 EXTRA settings PLUS the other 2 lower settings JUST TO GET BACK TO MY FAVORITE SPEEP?!?!?!?  APPARENLTY I’ve been sleeping on a clitoral vibe that ONLY HAS STEADY SPEEDS.  I’ve been with the store for almost 2 years now and I’m just discovering them gem of a toy (full disclosure – Louisa DID tell me about the point but sharp looking objects scare me).

I believe that Nu Sensulle has been upping their game recently – this primarily includes the aesthetics of toys and adding to their male centric line.  I personally think they’re a solid line that can pretty much sell itself.  I say this because their motors are POWERFUL on the lowest setting, they’re very simple to use, simply designed (which I think is very appealing), and have a great quality for a decent price.  I must admit, I do not have any crazy use stories coming from it, but sometimes, that’s the best result when testing toys out!  It did exactly what I wanted it to without much worry or thought which was just giving me a wonderful orgasm.  I was worried at first because once I hit setting 3 and it was still fairly buzzy, I thought something was wrong… then I hit function number seven and went to heaven with those deep rumbly vibes – THE BEST OF BOTH WORLDS (cue Hannah Montana theme song).

There aren’t too many negative thoughts I have on the Sensuelle Touch, but I would be lying to you Scoopers and myself if I didn’t mention them.  It fully charges in 45-50 minutes BUT its runtime is only 20 – 25 minutes (excuse me?).  This bullet is made of ABS plastic, but is double coated in silicone and comes in 3 colors – pink, purple, and black (yawn).  It is USB rechargeable with a magnetic connection, which makes it, waterproof (submergible) and comes with a 1-year warranty – okay compared to Evolved’s 5 years but no one else really does that anyway.  On to some of the positives!  This bullet is similar to others – only 1 button to turn on and off and control the functions. The button is perfectly positioned for easy changing and it is easy to find unlike some bullets I’ve owned – honestly the button makes a HUGE difference.  As I mentioned, there is NO patterns, just steady vibrations and once you hit the 7th and the strongest setting, the button starts BLINKING LIKE IT’S A PARTY WITH MY LADY PARTS.

I would most certainly recommend purchasing this product – great quality and at a very decent price.  I do think some may think it is expensive for the run time and what may be considered a “lack of” functions, but if you are someone like me who prefers only strong and steady vibes, likes buzzy and rumbly, and prefers simple and discreet – I think this is a perfect vibrator for yourself or your partner.  Use it for solo use, with partner play, or even as a mini massager because of how strong and deep it reaches.

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Stay Sexual!

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