Lady Genevieve Has the Sexy Scoop on the Sensuelle Joie

In service days are always the BEST days: we get to meet people in the industry that store associates would not normally get the chance to meet in the field and we get to learn about new and upcoming toys as well as some tricks we may have not known about for older ones.  I’ve always loved Nu Senseuelle’s line of toys because they boast about how strong their vibrations are and rightfully so – you can imagine my excitement when we found out that Kristin would be out trainer for half of the night.

As always, I do appreciate any of the toys that our trainer’s give us because 1) it’s not guaranteed we’re going to get anything and 2) it’s free when we get them, so my wallet can stop crying for a couple of weeks (my tastes have gotten a little more expensive since I originally started)!  Thank goodness for Nu Senseuelle’s motors – even the inexpensive products in their line still pack a punch just the way I like it!

Before I even used the Joie, I knew I was going to keep this guy around.  Its super tiny compared to some other bullets I have, which is nice for travel and storage.  It comes in several different colors: pink, black, blue, and purple. There is a rose gold Joie, but it is NOT covered in medical grade silicone like the other Joie’s. These powerful little guys have 15 functions, but of course I prefer the steady vibrations.  Speaking of, the Joie does feel like it has both deep rumbly and buzzy vibrations, so if you like switching it up, this is a good product to try.  There are many more patterns than other bullets, so it makes it a little more interesting if you do like using them.  It comes with a 1 year warranty, is waterproof, and of course, USB rechargeable.  TOY HACK: You should charge up your toys at least once a month. Just like any other electronic device, if you don’t use it, you lose it.  Your toys can die from not being used.

I think the best features of this toy in particular have to do with who can use it and how. First off, this product is awesome for solo and couples play AND for any gender.  I even used it to pin point a spot on my back that hurt and I am a SUCKER for toys that can provide pleasure in other ways than one. Also, this guy is tiny and versatile enough where you can interchange them with some bullets of cock rings (i.e their Double Action Cock Ring), but also, you can put them into dildos that provide the space!  Nu Sensuelle’s Joie is a great, inexpensive product that isn’t scary for new comers and adventurous enough for some veterans.

I also wanted to take this time out to remind anyone (primarily you, college kids), stay safe. Stay safe, but also, watch out for you fellow friends.  It doesn’t matter if you’re gay, straight, queer, a man, woman, trans, non-binary, and so on.. watch out for each other.  Take care of yourself physically – if you’re interested in using birth control, find something that works best for you, take extra precautions and use condoms (usually free at your college/university clinics), lube is a life saver, and finally, if it doesn’t feel good, then stop.  Also, take care of yourself mentally – you can’t be your best when you aren’t feeling your best.  But most importantly, have fun!  This is this time to explore yourself and your interests.  Sure, you’ll probably find some disappointing partners, but I love telling people “leave them better than you found them.” If you can’t/don’t enjoy them, at least you can give the next person to meet them a nice surprise.

Stay Sexual.

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