Lady Genevieve Has the Sexy Scoop on the VeDO Yumi

A trend I’ve been noticing within manufacturers is a push for ergonomic toys – toys that fit the shape of your body that result in a far better experience when using them.  I give much kudos for their attempts because I’ve had my share of experiences where I don’t even need to turn a vibrator on to know it’ll be awkward or won’t hit the right spots.  Another trend I’ve noticed is this revival of finger vibes.  They’ve been around for quite some time – definitely far longer than I’ve been using toys as a consumer – but they’re all been cheap, weak, and not pleasant in my experience.  The move has been to make them more powerful and instead of sliding these vibes onto your finger, you slide a protruding piece of silicone or plastic in between your middle and index fingers perfectly.

VeDo is a brand that falls about mid-range in pricing, but has a broad range of options.  They have both battery operated and rechargeable toys (most are even made exactly the same aside from that feature).  They’re simplistic for those who aren’t fans of fancy or complicated looking toys and I usually recommend them for people who are new to using toys by themselves or introducing them to the bedroom with a partner.  I got my excited little hands on their new toy – Yumi – and I must say it lives up to its name.

VeDO Yumi Finger Vibe

This odd looking little pod has all pretty great qualities for its size!  The first night I actually used the Yumi, I used it on my shoulder and it felt wonderful so already I discovered an additional use for it before I put it anywhere near my pretty parts.  The thickness of the silicone allows it to be close to whisper quiet (they boast this fact, but I think it is a little louder than one would expect).  Because of the silicone thickness, I don’t think it is AS strong as I would like it, but this would be great for those who are more sensitive.  It has a little bulb at the tip that actually feels stronger than the larger surface area – the exact opposite of what a rabbit does, which I think is pretty unique and I loved it!  The larger area also feels more rumbly while the bulb is more buzzy – having different experiences like this in one toy definitely feels like more bang for your buck (lol get it?)  It has a 1-hour running time, rechargeable and they claim it is submersible, but I am always cautious when it is not a magnetic port.  It has the usual 10 functions – 3 speeds and 7 patterns BUT my favorite part is that the patterns don’t have the usual “pauses” that disrupt my playtime.  Only 1 function appears that way and even then, it isn’t terrible .. that’s pretty impressive even for me! Another great feature that isn’t always found is where it remembers the setting you were last on – very helpful since they don’t have lights to signify what function it’s currently on. The biggest and really only true complaint I have has to do with the singular button. Sure, sure, it’s not hard it figure out what the button itself does like some other toys BUT I did run into some issues with it.  The first one is that it doesn’t have the 3-second hold to turn it on (ya know, the safety feature MOST companies use so it doesn’t turn on by accident).  Also, I was accidentally changing the functions while using it which is how I discovered that it’s hard to tell the difference in patterns until the final one.  I still prefer just the highest speed and I’m definitely starting to get used to recognizing the different patterns, but it doesn’t bother me… for now.

VeDO Yumi Finger Vibe

This little “yumi” friend has so many qualities that many different types of consumers would appreciate, that I would recommend it to everyone – male, female, trans, gay, straight, single, couples, new to toys, vets, people who are sensitive and people who need something strong.  I think the amount of different types of consumers a toy can be marketed to can either kill a toy quickly or send it to toy royalty and I think the VeDo Yumi is on it way to take the throne.

Stay Sexual!

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