Lady Genevieve Has the Sexy Scoop on the We Vibe Sync

If you aren’t already sitting down, please do so right now.  I may be about to tell you something that will shock you.  Are you ready…?  Okay… so I did it.  I finally… FOUND A COUPLES TOY THAT WORKS WHILE HAVING PENETRATIVE SEX. 

Okay, so unfortunately, this blog may not be for everyone, but at the very least hetero-couples and even single vagina owners (yes, I found a way and I like this toy THAT much more). This is the second installment of the We-Vibe 10 Year Anniversary collection – the We-Vibe Sync! Alright, alright, alright, after reading that, some of you are probably thinking “But I already knew that.” But many of you may be unaware of the abilities of this toy in particular or were put off by the price. Look at me in my eyes as I say this…. okay, IMAGINE that you’re looking at me in my eyes while you’re reading this… this is a toy WORTH it.  Please hear me out.

we vibe anniversary collection

I’d be lying if I said that Lance and I weren’t skeptical about the Sync prior to using it. Although I already knew of the reviews, parts of me still held on to the idea that it still might not work after my previous experience with couples toys.  I did my usual testing out the vibes and the patterns with my hands first and left it on the setting I think I would enjoy most with the remote (yes, it works with the app, and no I wasn’t going to even bother with it). I also took the time to measure the exact placement of the internal and external motors.  Yup, it’s ADJUSTABLE.  What vibes do you know that can actually do that? Currently, I can’t think of any others beside another We-Vibe.  I decided to try the Sync on myself prior to using it with Lance – I wanted to make sure I knew of any kinks (not the good kind) prior to potentially killing our mood.  I turned this bad boy on and it hit all the spots perfect!  I also felt like I could move around without fear of it falling out – I don’t believe this was their intention, but it worked and now I use it as a type of “panty” vibe when out in public.  So lets get to the juicy part…

Lance and I finally decided it was time to bring in the reinforcements, and I already knew he was going to love it.  I kept the vibes on low and allowed him to control how intense they got or what patterns we used.  Although I would normally hate them, they felt incredible while in the middle of intercourse so where I almost squirted for the first time with someone’s help.  For the first time in a long time, we finished at the same time .. and don’t you worry, he normally takes care of me first.  I tested out the potential for the Sync to be ejected with dildos and at a slower pace, it stayed tight.  I had Lance try every move, position, and his own various speeds to see if he could loosen up or accidently pull the Sync out… nothing I could think of could pull it out accidently!

Alright back to the boring yet important part.  Made with silicone and waterproof (water-based lubes only); app and remote controlled; adjustable in two.. count them – one, two! places to fit snug and hit both your g-spot and clit at the same time. Rechargeable of course, but with the anniversary collection, it comes in a charging case where as the normal set come with a magnetic cord.  I have to admit, I love the case and, if still available, getting both the Tango and Sync together is a steal for the bundle and the case. Separate is still absolutely worth is the money.  Hands down, I have and will continue to use this for (hetero) couples play (in and out of the bedroom) as well as solo play.

I feel as though this may be one of my most dramatic reviews yet, but – for a toy like this- a “matter of fact” writing just wouldn’t do it justice.

Stay Sexual!

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