Lady Genevieve Has the Sexy Scoop on We Vibe’s Vector

In my time at the store, I’ve heard many men, women, and non-binary people say that those with penises (peni?  I’ll get it right one of these days) always have the short end of the stick on sex toys – innuendo intended.  I’ve even mentioned before that many companies are really stepping up with game and giving more options for penis owning people.  We-Vibe is about to be crowned the reigning champion in my book for this and not because they are coming up with anything “new”. 

You’re probably reading that sentence over and over again thinking “that makes no sense.”  You’re kind of right… yes, they are creating new products for their line, but they’re so simple, you probably think you’ve seen something similar elsewhere for cheaper (and if we’re gonna be honest, probably with poor quality).  But that’s the beauty of We-Vibe – they have simple products that aren’t overly complicated, their motors are all rumbly and they get the job DONE (over and over and over and over again).

I got to explore the newest edition to the We-Vibe family with Lance.  Their name is Vector and they have ever so kindly replaced Ditto for all your prostate massage needs.  Yes, it is a vibrating prostate massager and yes it hits every. single. spot. just. right. How so?  It is tilted more to be able to put actual pressure on a prostate gland (where as the Ditto was a little more straight and obviously designed for normal anal activities).  The best part about this massager is that it also has a motor to stimulate your perineum.  I’ve never been more jealous of wanting to know what those vibes on that section of skin feels like more in my life.  It’s such a weird spot to have penis envy for but who’s asking?  When asking Lance about the intensity of the vibrations, he gave me the usual “can be intense if you’re not used to the motors they put in these things” but he used his normal lower settings and enjoyed the time he had with himself.  Honestly, from my perspective, it seemed like that was the toy he enjoyed the most in the time he’s been helping me review toys.  We did attempt to have sex with it in, but I think he felt uncomfortable moving around with it, so we took it out.  That does NOT mean it is impossible or a bad idea, that is just Lance’s preference.
It has it obvious pros – silicone, remote control or app control, USB recharge, 2 year warranty, waterproof, charge reminder, but there is something that many I think will love.. the head is flexible!  Similar to the Sync, you can adjust the internal part to better fit your body.  The external vibe isn’t adjustable but it is flexible when needed.  One quirk you may want to know is when connecting to the We-Vibe app on your phone, you have to continue to hold down the “On” button and wait for it to vibrate twice – once for turning on and the second for connecting to the app.  You shouldn’t have to worry about doing that again, but if you let go after the first app, you’ll have to shut it down and restart so it can connect.  This guy can be a little on the pricier side, but I will always stand by the quality that We-Vibe puts out.  Great for prostate health AND a wonderful gift for a prostate owner in your life.
Happy holidays and Stay Sexual!
Lady Genevieve

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