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Lady Genevieve

I am very very very choosey with lingerie and for various reasons. First, finding something that not only fits but looks flattering can be difficult, especially as a plus-sized person. Trying to purchase boxed lingerie that fits and makes me feel sexy from anywhere (including my place of employment – Fantasy Gifts NJ), is almost near impossible. I am a person that NEEDS to try stuff on and once I find a brand that is consistent in sizing and my preferred style, I tend to just run with them. To my surprise, Naomi brought in this BEAUTIFUL line called BACI from XGEN and a few of the pieces had be close to tears. I was gifted three pieces: the satin teddy (in 2 different colors) and the mini skirt set in red. I could NOT wait to get home and try them on (mind you, I have very specific plans for them so this was perfect timing). And let me TELL YOU how everything went…

First, the Satin Teddy

baci 3194 satin teddy

From these teddies, I was head over heels for the emerald green color. I don’t normally wear green, but this color just looked absolutely perfect and if you know me, you know I’m so pale I’m practically transparent. I figured I’d step out of my comfort zone with my blacks and reds and try on the green first and not only seeing the color in person, but feeling the satin fabric of the teddy had me WEAAKKK. This teddy has gorgeous lace trim starting my your belly button to the inside/top of the deep-v halter tie. In the middle of that deep-v is a silver chain that sits nicely across my cleavage. Now, I did struggle a bit to get the halter top as tight as I wanted to initially, however it didn’t take me took long to get it fixed. Oh, did I mention these are crotchless? No taking off needed when I want to use them with Big Cream 😉

Sure, my body type is no where near the model on the box, but this is a One-Size-Fits-All-But-Queen boxed lingerie. Because of this, it did seem a ‘little big’ but realistically, it fit amazing once I adjusted the top the way I wanted. It wasn’t snug anywhere I didn’t want it to be and showed off the right curves perfectly and was EXTREMELY comfy. I could have also kept the black teddy, but I felt that would be too selfish of me to keep both. Honestly, this is probably going to be a hard teddy to beat.

Now, for the Mini Skirt Set

baci 3151 mini skirt set in red

So the name of this piece of BACI lingerie is a little misleading because I wouldn’t call this a mini skirt set. The top and bottom are still connected (even if it is by a few pieces of string), so it’s halfway between a mini dress and a skirt set. For this piece, I got my favorite color (red) and decided to give it a try once I was done with the teddy. “Surely this wasn’t going to be difficult” is what I was thinking, but the words “eff this I’ll try later” came out not even 10 seconds later. I tried to get it on, but I guess i had it inside out or something? So when I went to turn it inside out, I had found myself a ticket on the struggle bus. It took me a few days to want to try again between, ya know, having a life and and all. But I finally got the boob trap on my body and… I didn’t love it 🙁 I got the straps on as best I could, but they still didn’t hold the girls in as much as I’d like. The straps we also a bit weird on my body making extra rolls and the skirt hardly covered anything like image of the model (I know, I don’t have the same body shape but C’MON). This one was a flop for me as a 2x person with a front butt.

I almost could tell by the fabric that one was going to work over the other and I am disappointed that both didn’t because even in Mini Skirt Set is so gorgeous, however, that doesn’t mean you won’t still feel sexy in it. But I am all team Satin Teddy FOR SURE.

Stay Sexual!

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