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And by Coochy, I mean the body care line by Classic Brands.  If you’ve never heard of this brand then BOY sit tight cause this stuff is going to blow your mind (I will never apologize for how many clichés I use).  Let me first begin by telling you a bit about my body.  I am extremely pale and by pale I mean when I’m asked what race I am, I chose “other” and write-in “Translucent.”  I reflect the sun off my skin and blind people to the point that I may or may not have caused a car accident.  I look at the corner of a table and get a bruise to shine through like I’ve just been in Fight Club match.  This light skin also goes hand-in-hand with how sensitive my skin is – I’ve had reactions to lotions and soaps FOR SENSITIVE SKIN.  You may as well consider me allergic to the sun because I’ve gotten sun poisoning more times than I can count on both hands and that’s with SPF 100 sun screen applied every 30 minutes.  I may as well live under a rock.

When I first started at Fantasy Gifts NJ, I quickly learned that Coochy is actually a pretty popular brand and it can be considered a satellite item that people run-in-run-out for (satellite items are items people know they can get quickly and are usually stocked no problem and they only come in for that item… I’ve worked in retail for too long to count… 8… its been 8 years).  Knowing that sometimes items are all talk or just popular due to the brand, I was skeptical (this is a pattern for me if you haven’t caught on yet) and had difficulty believing that the product worked as it is advertised.  These are the situations where I am HAPPILY proven wrong.  

coochy cream frosted cake
Coochy Shave Cream in Frosted Cake

My first instance of using their shave cream was right before they gave it a face-lift and for the first couple uses I wasn’t impressed.  I felt like I was still struggling with the razor burns/bumps, ingrown hairs, and still dealing with shaving far more often than the original bottle promised (it was a “couple” or “two” days longer than a person’s usual need to shave).  My coworker set me straight and said I had to use the ENTIRE shave line to get those results.  So I caved and purchased the powder and the aftershave mist.  OH WAS I ECSTATIC THAT IT WORKED.  I am a bigger girl and some of my biggest fat fold issues – like sweat and razor bumps – are at my lower stomach (I lovingly attribute that to my daughter…. lovingly) and thighs, right at my bikini line.  I used the shave cream first (obviously) then I applied the after-shave mist to my entire thighs and lightly coated that problem area with the deodorizing powder.  Oh, heaven exists and it’s in the Coochy line.  I do notice now that I tend to feel less stubble the day after I shave when I do use the cream vs. regular soap.  

I previously mentioned that the line had a face-lift and it is MARVELOUS.  It went from this late 80’s-early 90’s pump bottle to a more modern and clean looking squeeze tube.  They also have more scent options compared to the 2 they previously had: au natural, be original, frosted cake, floral haze, island paradise, sweet nectar, and green tease.  I’ve had frosted cake and be original and they both smell AH-MAZING.  I also had the opportunity to smell the rest and I absolutely LOVE Green Tease.  All scents are not super strong or overpowering.   Other changes they made were going from a puff powder container to a lotion that turns INTO powder (SO COOL AND TALC-FREE).  I always struggle with chub rub and this works SO much better than the deodorant in between my legs.  My legs are so much better with this combination of products than ever.  The after-shave spray went from a hard plastic to a softer one.  I LOVE the changes they made, but I will recommend for the deodorizing lotion (turns into powder) that you either make sure you rub it ALL in or wipe down your hands well.  It’s so soft you can’t tell that you still have it on you and I got a couple articles of black clothing marked up.  Luckily it all comes out easily with water, but still obnoxious to deal with.

Coochy has more than just a shaving line for those who are curious what else Classic Brands has to offer.  I was given the opportunity to try the intimate feminine spray.  I’m sure you’re all thinking of that saying “If it smells like cologne, leave it alone” and I had those thoughts myself.  I’m an advocate for normalizing the smell of a vagina, because that’s exactly what it is – NORMAL.  Ok, with the exception of some smells, but you should know your body well enough to know what is normal and what isn’t.  Sometimes scents tell you what’s going on with your body. “So why use a feminine spray anyway?”  Well, to begin with, sometimes I don’t go right home after a shower.  I also used to work in health care where overnights were inevitable so sometimes when you need just a refresher, it’s good to have.  It also helps balance your pH levels and if you’re someone who may struggle with higher levels (which can be the cause of a health issue), it helps keep them down to that normal range.  

Coochy Sweat Defense Lotion
Coochy Sweat Defense Lotion

I also had the opportunity to use the body oil and I’ve been obsessing with oils a lot recently.  The oil has multiple purposes that leaves your skin super moisturized with a satin feel, it smells great and BONUS USE – apply it to your tattoos and get them shining and bright like the first day you got them!  

If you still aren’t sold yet, you men will LOVE this product too!  It isn’t just for legs, use it for your face or arms or all over!  The directions even suggest you can use it for the hair on your head as a conditioner!!! (WHAT?!?)  Now, what kind of blogger would I be If I didn’t try this?  Here’s a visual: super mermaid length, super think Italian curls that are so heavy they weigh themselves down, and dyed to my standards.  I haven’t changed my preference in conditioner since high school and I’m very particular in how I want it cut and styled.  Obviously I was nervous and for a legit reason, it’s not my favorite conditioner in the world.  I feel like it made my hair a little straw-like while brushing it BUT I was not totally disappointed in how it felt when it dried and I would use it again if I was desperate.  It may not be your cup of tea either, since I’m sure everyone cares for his or her hair in a certain way, but I say it’s worth a try. Who doesn’t love saving on products that are for multiple uses and can be used by multiple people??

Listen, for someone who has issues up and down with lotions, soaps, body care products in general, I absolutely LOVE the Coochy line and I would highly recommend getting invested in a new routine with these products.

* This blog was updated on October 21, 2022 to remove or update links and information.

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