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Lady Genevieve has the Sexy Scoop on DTF Dice! Sex dice are a great, inexpensive and easy way to spice things up in the bedroom and help you break out of your rut. What did Lady Genieve think of the DTF Dice?

I should review more games and, you wanna know why?  They are a change of scenery for me and King Big Cream in the bedroom without bringing in a toy to keep clean up or recharge!  Yes, I’ll admit, even as someone who is comfortable with exploring new things and using new toys in the bedroom, I don’t often include games and now I am a firm believer that I should!  I was recently given the DTF dice game by Khepher Games.  I have a few of their drinking games, which are hilarious, so I figured these simple dice would work perfect!

These dice are emoji based (no words), but they were kind enough to include the meanings on the back.  One dice is intended for the action (spank, finger, lick, etc).  The other is the body part (vagina, penis, butt, etc).  There’s even a way to win and as an Aries, I ALWAYS have to win.  Of course, as we played, we wanted to see who would be the winner first and it’s all by chance and with him as a Scorpio, he gets his rocks off by watching me lose (only against him otherwise he’s always on my team). I think he won the first time, but I also say he cheated.  Either way, we really both ended up the winner if ya know what I mean (wink wink).

Big Cream and I did laugh a couple of times throughout using this dice game. For example, when we got “RUB LIPS”, we definitely were not trying to be too sexy with it and fell into a laughing fit.  “BLOW ‘PICK A HOLE’” was certainly another that had us going because they don’t specify which hole and an ear or bellybutton may have gotten a nice spit shower from the other.  Ultimately, it really works great as a foreplay game and keeps things light and flirty.  The one thing we did not do, that I know we can try in the future, is to include things like feathers and ice cubes (for example suck on an ice cube before blowing on my breasts).  Obviously, we played as to who was going to do what to the other, so anytime I had rolled gotten “RUB VAGINA”, that wouldn’t work, so it certainly is more of a couples roll and the respective person does the action to the body part indicated.

DTF Dice are an inexpensive game that is great for individuals who aren’t comfortable with using toys (new to the world of toys or in general).  It can be a great idea for introducing some new positions or actions to the bedroom that, maybe you might have been too shy to say outload (communication is key, even if you use dice to do it!).  These are a great novelty gift as well, however, I will say this is more intended for couples where one person has a penis and the other has a vulva.  I can see it getting frustrating for those in same-sex relationships always landing on something not readily available or enjoyable for them.

If you really like the concept of the DTF Dice there is a DTF Card Game that looks fun too!

I hope I’ve piqued your interest and your sex life with this review. I do hope I can share more on some of the other card and board games out store has to offer in the future!

Stay Safe and Sexual!

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