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Lady Genevieve

Although I train the Fantasy Gift NJ employees to think outside the box with some products, there are very few that really could work with all genitals and genders without having to do that work. When I was looking for my next product, I realized I was working so heavily on air pulse and/or clitoral products that I wanted to make sure I picked something that worked for everybody (literally). When I have this thought, it’s almost as if Evolved knows I’m at this point and like magic they will send us a box of their new stuff to start stocking our shelves. I was instantly blinded by a toy that I am honestly surprised it isn’t part of their Gender X line -the Evolved Heads or Tails.

evolved heads or tails
Evolved Heads or Tails

New Yet Oddly Familiar

You may have seen products in years past with multiple prongs on them and it would most likely be for clitoral stimulation with some use for nipple play and Heads or Tails is no different with their 9 speed, 3-finger head. This head has one vibrating finger while the other two twirl to give off two different sensations at the same exact time (this actually felt interesting in a VERY good way might I add). Stuff on my nipples does tend to feel a little uncomfortable if it is enclosed because I do have them pierced, but NOT THIS TIME! You can have them over your nipple or if you want to maneuver them a little to kind of squeeze them for additional stimulation – GO FOR IT. I will be honest, as someone who does prefer not to shave often, yes I felt like my pubes were getting pulled on occasion but it was hardly ever during the time I was ‘testing’ out this product.

Big Cream definitely gave me some ‘what the heck’ looks when I had mentioned I had a job for him to do (I try to keep it interesting). When I pulled it out, I instinctively aimed for his nipples which I don’t think did too much for him. He did grab it and placed the head part over his clothes on his balls and gave a little “ohh!”. When he proceeded to use them against his actual skin on his balls and shaft, he gave a weird face – it clearly didn’t feel the same with direct contact. I was actually disappointed with this because I did think it would have been a good option for him.

The ‘Tail’ End

Evolved Heads or Tails

I know for a fact I am ~slightly~ critical of dual motor toys that realistically you can only use one at a time and this might be where Heads or Tails fail a little on my list. Sure, you can use both motors “together”, but I don’t think they really help the other end out. When I was using the fingers and I additionally turned on the “tail” end, I didn’t feel much of a difference. And realistically, there’s no point in having the finger motor’s on while using the tail end because it DEFINITELY doesn’t make a difference in your pleasure – it’s more of a battery drainer if you ask me. BUTTTTT that shouldn’t take away from the fact that the motor for both ends was strong the way I like it and of course did it’s job.

As I do go over and think about all the things, it makes me realize that the head appears more of a teaser for foreplay or even for new sensations but you end it with the tail vibrator. I could be wrong but moving forward, this is exactly how I plan on using Head or Tails. I really am truly surprised it isn’t part of the Gender X line, but regardless is still pretty universal! All silicone, magnetic charge and submersible – literally everything else you could want in a toy. If you’re questioning whether it’s worth it because of my experience just remember that my likes and dislikes are not going to match yours. I think there is great potential in this toy for MANY people and I’d love to see it being celebrated in our store as thee go to toy for almost everything.

Stay Sexual!

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