Lady Genevieve Reviews Evolved Novelties Pen Pal

Lady Genevieve

Today we’re looking at Evolved Novelties Pen Pal. Toys that are so discrete you can’t even tell they’re made for pleasure are the toys I tend to drool over based off of looks alone – I mean.. who doesn’t want to fashion a vibrator around your neck or handcuffs around your wrists at work? (For the record, I am not encouraging any naughty things on the clock, unless of course you are a porn star, cam girl/guy, etc.).  That is part of the reason I decided to try out the Evolved Novelties Pen Pal.  I will admit, this is probably one of few toys that I semi-enjoyed but also have some strong feedback on and I’ll tell you why:

First off, it is really cute looking!  Jut a simple grey/silver thin pen-sized vibrator, one button (easy to find) and has a little loop on the end that makes it look like it could be placed on a chain of some sorts.  It actually feels a little heavier than I expected (however it’s not heavy, just has more weight than I thought).  This is something you really could slip easily in your pocket or purse and take it with you without anyone noticing!

Pen Pal from Evolved

With a simple single silicone button raised against the metal, it is really easy to find and adjust the functions without looking (a plus in my book)!  It has 3 speeds and only 2 functions – which is great for someone like me who couldn’t care less about the patterns usually.  Because of the metal and the charging port tucked away on the inside of the “pen”, it is waterproof AND submersible.

Now, here’s my feedback.  It does feel like it has a strong vibe when I push it against my hand or just feel in vibrating when holding it at the loop, but when using it, I was slightly disappointed that the strength did not come off the same.  This is unusual in my opinion as it tends to be the opposite effect when trying vibes.  However, I was able to use it to pin-point on my specific spot that really gets me off and of course, it did the job.  No intense leg shaking, no squirting, but I did hit my end goal.

Overall, I would still recommend getting yourself a Evolved Novelties Pen Pal!  First off, who wouldn’t love referring to you new friend as your “pen pal”?  Also, I still think this is a GREAT travel toy for vacations or sleepovers.  It’s a great price compared to other pin-point toys out there and it’s not so scary compared to other toys out there.  This is great for all genders and all those in different relationship statues and probably one of the easiest toys you’ll ever have to clean!  Use for nipple play and other foreplay – what CANT you use this to for?! – okay before you answer that, do not insert it anally.  Go for a warmup on the outside, but definitely don’t insert it.

Speaking of warm up, I also used my Pjur 25th anniversary lubes with this toy!  Since Pen Pal is metal, silicone lubes are perfecting fine when using your new pal!  Pjur (pronounced “pure”) is one of those lubes that us associates at stores don’t even have to try to sell, they sell themselves!  Pjur has MANY different types of lubes they over (for men, women, anal, and of course their “med” line).  My personal favorite is the Pjur Woman Nude because it doesn’t feel sticky afterwards and I don’t feel like it messes with my body after using with a toy or after sex.  Pen Pal is perfect for someone who needs or prefers to use silicone-based lubes.

Stay Safe and Sexual my Scoopers!

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