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Lady Genevieve

Believe it or not (but you should on this one), not all “suction toys are ACTUALLY suctions. Nope – they’re actually air pulse with the incorrectly worded phrase on the outside of the boxes. This is why we tell our store employees at Fantasy Gifts NJ to test out the products themselves so they know when something is one vs. the other. The difference is very obvious – a suction toy holds onto your skin working to give you a hickey like a high school partner while air pulse is like it’s blowing out air very quickly. Both mimic oral sex which is what makes the clitoral stimulating products SOOOO popular, but they both have different benefits as well! For the air pulse, it can be held AWAY from your body so if you don’t need a whole lot of stimulation, you don’t have to use much or even have it touching. For suction toys – they are going to be more intense whether you use it on your clitoris, nipples, or wherever else you place a suction toy. The reason I started off this way because I realize I don’t think I’ve ever had more than one suction toy in my time working with or at Fantasy Gifts NJ and if I can recall, I absolutely hated it. I felt like it’s been a few years, I can probably try another one to see if my thoughts are true. That’s when the beautiful and majestic Rainbow Sucker Wand from Evolved came into our lives.

evolved rainbow sucker wand

Somewhere Over the Rainbow

We already knew this wand was going to be special when we saw it on a ‘coming soon’ section of one of our distributors. Not only did it show the beautiful rainbow ring around the suction nozzle, but it boasted vibrations as a wand as well (I love me some multi-yet-functional use products). But the magic truly happened when we turned it on and suctioned the tester right to different body parts. The girlish screams that came from me and another associate’s mouths could have been deafening. We only received two in for our Turnersville location and both sold that night! This suction wand had be a hit since it was also online and I got jealous quickly that I hadn’t gotten one for myself (yes I know – this is absolutely a me problem). Until it finally happened – THANK YOU TO OUR EVOLVED REP WE LOVE YOU. I got my Rainbow Sucker in no time and I could hardly wait to get home to use it (I promise work mom I did not open it until I got home!). That poor box didn’t last a couple of hours in the hands of it’s new owner (me, I am the new owner and I ripped it open like a child who opens up a box of cereal).

Color or Grey Skies?

So when finally getting to try our this ‘sucker’, I was alone as Big Cream was at work (sometimes I just like it this way better… sorry my love). Got my mood porn on and turned on the suction first and… duh dun dun daaaa…. I didn’t like it. At all. The suction freaked me out just as much as it did with the old toy I had. For someone who always says she likes it powerful – that was way too much and kind of hurt my poor little clitoris. I definitely caught myself subconsciously closing up my thighs and pulling it away. When I started doing it on purpose, it didn’t really help me. I turned off the suction and turned on the vibration of the wand which was really nice and of course did the job – but it wasn’t the result I was hoping to find, which was just me liking it.

The Rainbow Sucker is overall a good product I mean… it’s from Evolved! It’s at a decent price point, made of silicone, magnetically rechargeable and part of an amazing warranty program. This product honestly does still have a universal use to it with the wand being able to be used on any genitals and the suction perfect for nipples as well. This is definitely a toy for someone who likes suction though – and that person is not me. I wouldn’t discredit this product at all despite it not being for me because so far others who got it loved it with their whole being. AND THIS IS WHY REVIEW WRITING IS SUBJECTIVE REMEMBER THAT! If you’re interested, I say go for it!

Stay Sexual!

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