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Gum Jobs are one of our best selling products at Fantasy Gifts NJ! So naturally, we had to ask Lady Genevieve to try them out and see what all the fuss is about!

I was asked to review one of the most popular purchases online and I was extremely surprised to find out what that was – a candy/novelty item called Gum Job (the oral sex candy teeth covers).  However, my surprise was that in a good way because I LOVE writing reviews on items that are not toys, but still used to spice things up in the bedroom.  As I like to remind my readers (you Scoopers), not everyone is interested in toys and that’s perfectly fine!

First off, I did have King Big Cream try these with me since each package comes with 2 of each flavor, so let’s start there.  The flavors available (and in each package) are Succulent Strawberry, (red) Wild Watermelon (green), and Cherry Pie (purple).  I will be the first to admit, I am not a fan of chewing on gummies, but you’ll definitely catch me sucking on sour ones when I’m in the mood.  I split each one in half.  I actually really liked the flavors that the Strawberry and Watermelon gummies gave, but I have never been and will never like the taste of Cherry – medicine tasting blech.  However, some people like that taste, just not me (or Big Cream).  He also thought strawberry and watermelon were okay, but these are not his go-to flavors either.  Something to consider when purchasing or letting HOTT Products know these need to make a Blue Raspberry flavor (you listening HOTT Products?!).

Next, we (meaning me) put them in my mouth to try and use them.  I was cracking up and drooling the whole time and I felt a sudden urge to start singing “Grillz” by Nelly (don’t worry to spare BC ear’s I did not). They were kind of difficult to keep it without biting down a little because I feel like my tongue was always in the way.  Otherwise, they fit my teeth perfectly fine since they were super flexible and molded quickly.  If you’ve ever had to wear a mouthguard (non-molded and molded), sometimes they just don’t feel right, but obviously these fit pretty well for the time they were whole.  As I used them (mind you, I’m still laughing and drooling), they do start to disintegrate and I’m getting sticky.  Eventually I took out the bottom one and continues with the top until my teeth started coming through. These don’t last too long (probably why they give you multiple sets), however, these were fun regardless of the time we had with them!  BC still enjoyed receiving and they did their part as a foreplay product for a lighter mood kind of day. This is definitely more intended for using on individuals with a penis, I cannot see it being used well on people with vulvas.  However, if you like sharing spit or using food/getting sticky as part as your fun, I absolutely recommend Gum Jobs. Even as a novelty or joke item, these are perfect and they’re insanely INEXPENSIVE.

I hope everyone is staying safe and warm, and of course, staying sexual!

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