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Lady Genevieve
calexotics california dreaming huntington beach heartbreaker
California Dreaming Huntington Beach Heartbreaker

Ah, my final blog post of 2023. I’m not quite sure how I feel about it, honestly. This year was huge both work wise and personally with both good and bad events occurring leaving me think this is a bitter sweet exit to the year. One can only hope this final one ends with… a bang (wink wink). For this review, I asked our store manager, Fallon, what she thinks I should tackle. She’s been on our front lines a lot this year and I trust her judgement after talking with plenty of customers. Believe it or not, what she recommended I review was actually a product I fought to bring in because of it’s smaller size! This product has been very popular since it’s arrival and I was very curious what about it made it so desired. What product you ask? Only the California Dreaming Huntington Beach Heartbreaker from Calexotics (yea, I know it’s a mouthful).

Why The Fight?

One thing you learn in this industry is packaging and testers make a huge difference in helping people choose what product might be best for them. Being able to truly see what it looks like and even being able to learn the features in the store is helpful. In fact, for individuals who are sensitive to certain textures and sensations, being able to feel something ahead of time avoids discomfort, overstimulation, or just being upset by the purchase itself OR thinking something is wrong with them for not liking how something feels. The California Dreaming line does really well almost everywhere and it’s because they offer testers and a good warranty for any malfunctions. Of the 3 fought for, I thought they would be great because as rabbit products (I know, shocker coming from me), they’re smaller which would be helpful for someone who doesn’t like their cervix getting stimulated (or pummeled as I like to say). The Huntington Beach Heartbreaker is great because its size actually could stimulate the g-spot a LOT better than the longer rabbits out there. In fact, the shaft and the clit stimulator (it’s actual suction, btw) can be controlled separate. SO, that means you can just apply nice pressure to your g-spot rather than vibrations if that’s too much for you!

California Dreaming Huntington Beach Heartbreaker
California Dreaming Huntington Beach Heartbreaker

Final Thoughts

Here’s where things go a little downhill from what you’ve probably expected. Rabbits are hard to gage until you actually try using them. I definitely give kudos to the Huntington Beach Heartbreaker for being in a better position for g-spot pressure and having separate functioning motors, but the clit stimulator was still NO where near my clit. Sure, I don’t love suction anyway, but I feel as though there was no chance of me truly engaging with this product when I can keep one motor off and the other doesn’t hit where it is supposed to even when I can flex the shaft. But, I don’t want this to discourage anyone who is interested in the Huntington Beach Heartbreaker because (get ready for it) THIS IS MERELY MY OPINION! That’s right, I am not telling you “no, don’t buy it” because my experience isn’t likely going to be yours. It’s still a great quality product from a good company. I may not go out of my way to recommend it when I know there are other options out there that may be better, but I won’t say no outright.

Stay Sexual!

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