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Impressions Santorini

There’s a psychology behind retail, for sure. You move something on the wall or change the look of a table and all of a sudden, everything in stock looks new to usuals. The same goes for packaging – you change the look or even the name and all of a sudden you have what looks like a brand new product. And it works – even on people who see these things everyday. I am a PRIME example of that with this Blush product. First off, I’v been in the game since 2017 and for sure have seen things come and go and come back with a new name and/or packaging. That’s exactly what happened with Blush’s Impressions line. Yup, I thought it was NEW NEW NEW and so CUTE CUTE CUTE, however in doing my research for some social media posts I realized – oh my… they’ve been around for a while and under a different name and packaging. Did that change my mind to try it? Of course not! Some things need a refresh, but being around for a while just means that it’s a good product so of course I stuck with it. Plus, with so many new vibrating dildos and dongs finding their way on market, I just HAD to get on top of this new trend. BEHOLD – IMPRESSIONS SANTORINI! This rechargeable and vibrating dong isn’t phallic in shape, but is does have a suction cup base and is intended for vaginal insertion AND pegging or anal sex (ooooh universal usesssssss – me likely). So what makes thing so special? Let’s find out!

I Mentioned Universal, Right?

First off, every dong and dildo (vibrating or not) is pretty much geared towards everyone’s use – your own personal, with a strap-on, for anal play and pegging I mean, heck, you can even choke on it and pretend it’s attached to someone else during partnered play – what more can you want?! Vibrating, duh! So to have this just boosts the available uses for this toy – nipple play, clitoral vibration, rubbing up against the shaft of a penis or testicles for pleasure. NO ONE GETS LEFT OUT! When I first started using the Santorini dong, I used it for it’s ‘off label’ use and used as a clit and vulva vibrator. They brag a deep rumbly vibration, but using externally felt more buzzy HOWEVER, it did its job AND it didn’t take forever for me to get off. Sure, I wasn’t worried about being interrupted and was totally in the mood, but even then sometimes buzzy vibes just take forever (and this one didn’t!).

Knock Knock

And now, an exploration for one if it’s intended purposes (well, the purpose to which EYE want to use it for) – vaginal insertion and g-spot stimulation. If you haven’t caught on yet, or just started following this blog, this is not one of my go-to forms of masturbation. It takes a lot for me to be comfortable with any type of internal toy (even with a clitoral stim) and the Santorini is a larger dong than most rabbits I’ve own, I was a little cautious in getting to this point.

Big Cream and I were doing our usual bullshit which is getting down and dirty after we had just showered (because we are really obnoxiously non-logical with this stuff sometimes). While I please him, he will on occasion grab a toy and play with me and this time we pulled out the Santorini to use for insertion. We added some water-based lube and we went on our merry way to have our own version of Mamma Mia. Cream did tease me a little first before inserting the dildo into me, but went into pound town pretty quickly and knocking right up on my cervix. I’ve had an IUD inserted and removed, I’ve had 2 children, I’ve had abortions completed surgically, I’ve had numerous pap smears and a biopsy of my cervix and in all those things, him hitting my cervix with the Santorini was the most uncomfortable. Just because this product is flexible, doesn’t mean it isn’t sturdy and with the head being so sturdy, it did hurt (but this is just ME – some people are comfortable with their cervix being stimulated). Because of this, I stopped using it as an insertable toy and only continued using against my clit.

Did I Mislead You?

The reason I ask this is because I haven’t yet gone over all the features of the Santorini – silicone and rechargeable of course, waterproof, 5 speeds and 5 rhythms – all the usual. But, one thing I didn’t yet mention that I wanted to correct myself on is that when the Santorini was inserted, it DID have those rumbly vibrations that they boast. I was taken through a look when I could feel my whole insides (including my butthole) vibrating significantly! That was actually truly impressive that at one point I had Cream just hold the dildo in for stimulation. The suction cup base sticks GREAT to non-porous materials such as glass and marble and this is a good toy to fit in a strap-on harness with the most basic size c-ring to hold it in. The Impressions Santorini (and probably their whole line) could work for just about ANYONE. I may have not loved this product in particular, but I actually would recommend suggesting it to customers and friends who ask. It’s been around for a while because it IS a good product and just because it’s not my usual cup of tea, I can absolutely see the beauty that is Santorini.

Stay Sexual!

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