Lady Genevieve Reviews Magic Wand Micro

Lady Genevieve

Full disclosure: not only is this my very first Magic Wand product, but I begged our store owner and our buyer to PLEASE add one on the order for me because OMFG HAVE YOU SEEN THIS THING?! This has been in the work for months – I think it was first shown at one of the ANME shows or was snuck into a Facebook post somewhere and since then, everyone has been counting down the days for their new Magic Wand Micro (some places even placed pre-orders)! The Magic Wand brand is honestly one that sells itself – it’s been around for 50+ years and is likely to last just as long so long as your dog doesn’t chew a cord (seriously, that’s the only reason people come in for a new one!). But I know there is more to it than meets the eye so let’s review!

Size Isn’t Everything

Magic Wand Micro

Part of the appeal of the Magic Wand Micro is the size – it’s only slightly larger than a normal house key! And compared to it’s larger and older siblings, this wand is still JUST as powerful as them. Also, it has more features than the Magic Wand Mini believe it or not! Yup, it may have one less button than it’s predecessor, it actually has more functions (vibration patterns to be exact). Normally I would poo-poo them, but I think it’s pretty impressive that it carries more functions than a bigger product. Going back to the one less button thing, I am thinking the size may have caused it to lose a button so you can’t ‘go back’ to a feature that you passed, but that’s okay because there isn’t too much to cycle through. It also doesn’t have the LED lights that the others have, but realistically I never pay attention to them anyway on toys that do have them (although it can be a good feature for someone who NEEDS it). Oh, and don’t forget the little fricken cord so you don’t lose it (like a Nintendo Wii wrist cord … you know, so it doesn’t go flying across the room).

Functionality At Its Finest

hitachi magic wand micro
Magic Wand Micro

Honestly, the highest standard or goal I have to meet when reviewing toys is being able to orgasm without putting too much thought into getting there. Usually, I am already in a very relaxed state when I ready to review and I don’t want to go back into a ‘thinking’ state when I am down there – that’s why i do all my technically stuff away from using the product. When I tell you I quickly fell into a state of euphoria using the Micro, I am not exaggerating. It really has been hard to get away from my go-tos being air pulse products as I’ve truly taking a lust for them. And I do love my wands and can be critical but loving of bullet vibes, but the air pulse has been my top priority since I started getting them. The Micro has potentially put them to shame and I’m not mad about it. You would have thought I was using an air pulse toy with how quickly I orgasmed! And, listen, I do have a small hard on for small products (especially when they’re powerful) because storage. You quickly become a collector when you work int he toy industry and sometimes unintentionally. Having smaller stuff that gets the job done and DONE WELL… that’s the goal.

Here is the great thing about the Magic Wand Micro (and honestly the whole brand)- it’s meant for everyone. Between it’s colors to the wording on the box to the multipurpose it has – it it NOT gender specific. Even if it was 50+ years ago, it isn’t today and that’s what matters! You can use it for both sexual and non-sexual purposes on all different types of genitals. This product is also great quality and the price point isn’t bad which also makes it worth it. Seriously, if there is one product to trust, it’s the Magic Wand line and I can now officially highly recommend it from a personal experience.

Stay Sexual!

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