Lady Genevieve Reviews Nu Sensuelle’s Kiah Rabbit

Lady Genevieve

Our rep at Nu Sensuelle is AWESOME – she makes sure each store has one of each tester and sometimes throws in a couple we don’t stock to let us experience the product and try to convince our buyer to bring it in. Since we recently got in a ton of testers, my boss let me take one of the new ones to give it a review. Now, I’m sure I know what most of you were thinking: “She took the most powerful motor out there to compare it to the 60SX AMP bullet she recently reviewed.” Nope. I decided that not only was I going with a Nubii motor – I wanted to try it in the Nu Sensuelle Kiah Rabbit. Yep, all my choice and no coercion. I may have cheated a little… I turned it on and was surprised by how strong this rabbit felt despite being the “beginner” motor.

Nu Sensuelle’s Nubii Motor

Nu Sensuelle Kiah Rabbit

One of the things I vaguely mention in my 60SX AMP review was the strength of the motor and how there was a stronger motor than the 60SX AMP.. well, Nu Sensuelle has totally revamped their line and have color coded their motors by colors which is on the OUTSIDE of the box (not the product itself – yes, it can be confusing because we thought the same and don’t worry, we have classification charts to help!). Yellow color-coded boxes are the strongest and a light-bubble gum pink represents the Nubii motor which is a buzzy and subtle gyration feel. Nubii motors include the Kiah Rabbit and several other new bullets they developed which really are simple and not scary for those beginner toy users.

One of the nice perks of these Nubii motors is they also come with a slight warming features which I do think is helpful in making someone new feel more comfortable in using a toy. It does heat up super warm like Evolved’s Heat Up & Chill Rabbit (which I haven’t used yet but I felt it and WOW – but that’s hopefully a review for another day). Another perk is being able to use the heating feature, the clit vibe and the shaft vibe ALL individually – crazy right?! What better way to explore what you like than being able to decide how you want to please yourself?!? That is always going to be a bonus for me whether I like a toy or not because as I say in almost every blog – there are SO MANY MORE ways to use a single toy when you are able to control individual motors. The unfortunate thing about the Kiah is that it does have morse code features on both those motors (whomp whomp whomp…). I mean, this is one way to learn that you don’t like them, right? I’ll just keep telling myself this but only for the Nubii motors.

A Little Piece of My Heart

Nu Sensuelle Kiah Rabbit

It was one of those nights I definitely thought I was going to bed on time but it ended up being delayed as King Big Cream was just looking cute and ugh I loved that but anyways – you know where this is going. Instead of going to one of my usuals in the moment, I actually did grab the Kiah which was a risk on my end. Think about it, if I didn’t like it, it could have potentially ruined my mood. After some foreplay, inserting the rabbit actually felt extremely comfortable and although I didn’t quite feel the heat like I can in my hand I do honestly think that was park of the reason it was comfortable. Another amazing thing about the Kiah is that is does have a very flexible clit stimulator and the middle of the shaft is flexible too so it moves and adjust with your body if you need to make those adjustments. Listen – no matter who you are, there is NO rabbit out there that fits more than MAYBE one person. And as annoying as it is, I am starting to understand it is not necessarily something even the manufacturers can do anything about. But I can’t believe it – was able to get off using the Kiah as I would have with a normal clitoral stimulator or vibrator – like WHAT?!?! After Big Cream and I finished up our night, I actually held this magnificent rabbit i my hand, looked at him and said “I think I found a rabbit I actually like…” I almost felt like I was admitting a loss because the rabbits I have reviewed before weren’t full on disappointment but there was no love like I had for Nu Sensuelle’s Kiah Rabbit. Astonished I’d say I was…

The great thing about this rabbit is that yes, it is geared toward beginners HOWEVER anyone could really enjoy this. And the one we have in store is a beautiful yellow so there is no need to worried about gendering this rabbit by the color alone. Sure, it’s going to be ‘geared’ toward vulva-owners, but you know how I am – so many ways to use this that a penis-owner could even use it in more ways than one. This product is about mid-range in price but certainly high quality (I don’t think I’ve ever had an issue with Nu Sensuelle honestly) and I think I could see myself recommending it over and over again.

Stay Sexual!

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