Lady Genevieve Reviews Satisfyer Pro 2 Gen 3

Lady Genevieve

Andddd we jump right back into air pulse toys with the Satisfyer Pro 2 Generation 3 BUT for a good reason: WHO WOULDN’T WANT TO REVIEW SOMETHING WITH LIQUID AIR TECHNOLOGY?! What’s liquid air technology, you ask – well, let me redirect you to a feature on this product when it first came into our store. I’ve been begging and I mean BEGGING my boss and the manager to PLEASE get me one. It only took me a month and a half but I GOT ONE!

satisfyer pro 2 generation 3
Satisfyer Pro 2 Gen 3

The Build Up

Before I move onto the good stuff – obviously I need to go over the usual stuff. Ya know, compare it to the Pro 2 Next Generation. Now, before anyone assumes anything I do not have any experience with the Pro 2 personally, however It is VERY popular with us and well known by all of us in the store. The first biggest difference is that the Pro 2 Gen 3 can now connect to bluetooth! That’s right – you can now connect your (new) favorite toy to your phone through Satisfyer’s app or have a partner control it! Another difference that really is a huge plus with this IT VIBRATES! Yup, it now has independent motors that can be used together for a more intense experience (it’s like they made this part for me specifically). But the biggest difference of all…

The Liquid Air Technology

Satisfyer Pro 2 Gen 3

The Pro 2 Gen 3 has a new cap where the hole is covered by a thin sheath – a looser flowing bit of silicone if you will. Rather than full air pulse, you would feel the movement of the loose silicone giving the receiver the sensation of flowing water. I never actually took the time to think about the feel of flowing water. I mean sure, it feels good to shower or bathe, going down a waterslide or even peeing after holding it in for WAAAAY too long. Yes, it does feel good and for many people, water may be one of the first pleasurable sensations we experience when we start exploring our bodies. So.. I definitely took a shower and got to thinking how this would compare to the new cap. Actually, it feels pretty close and I would also compare it to the feeling I would get just before I would squirt (and no, It hasn’t made me do it… yet. BUT I AM DETERMINED). I did notice that with this cap you do have to hold it very close or directly on your clitoris to feel the sensation compared the the air pulse cap and it doesn’t feel as intense (in my opinion) as the air pulse itself, but it felt AMAZING none the less.

Overall this is a toy that is most definitely worth the price point if you 1) love you some bluetooth technology and 2) want to try something new that we may see as a new trend in the toy industry (you get the bragging rights to say “I had it first!”). The Pro 2 Gen 3 is more specifically manufactured and almost advertised towards vulva owners, however it can be used on anyones nipples or a penis owner if truly interested! Even though this one hadn’t quite dethroned my Womanizer Premium, it’s definitely taken up space in my favorites drawer moving forward.

Stay Sexual!

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