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You learn something new everyday and this week I was not expecting to learn about bathing in Japan and that it is a VERY serious topic. How did we get here? Because I chose to review the Shunga Lovebath which turns your bath water into a gel. This product mentions a deep history of these traditional ‘love baths’ where “eroticism is promoted”… that I could not find anywhere in anywhere internet searches. Yes, I did find several articles that mentioned there was controversy at some point with men and women bathing together, but never a mention of erotic lovebaths or even sexual activity being the reason for law changes to these baths. Is this another case of the adult industry taking something innocent and making it their own? Ah, whatever, I’m excited to tell you about this one because I had the MOST fun and this bath allowed me to experience intimacy with myself that I don’t think I had experienced in a while.

Shunga Lovebath Ocean Temptations
Shunga Lovebath Ocean Temptations

What is a Shunga Lovebath

Shunga is known as rare erotic art from the Edo period of Japan and it is some of the most beautiful works I have ever laid my eyes on – okay so not as innocent as I thought. However, it is also the name of the company that creates these love bath mixes as well as other bath and body products (and their ‘art’ is actually pretty PG compared to the real deal). A ‘love bath’ is something I believe the company made up on their own based on Japan’s views on bathing and their own idea that “love making is art” and certainly I don’t disagree. This type of bath, in particular, is created using a gel mix to make a jello-like bath for just you or you and your partner to enjoy. And turning it back is as simple as pouring in another salt-base mix so it can drain easily without clogging the drains. To be honest, some parents might remember seeing these mixtures in Walmart or Target for the kiddos – I know I tried to use one with my daughter to help with her bathing woes a few years ago. So I thought, ya know what, yea – I’M GONNA TRY IT FOR MYSELF.

Swimming in Jell-O

This time I decided this was going to be self-care beyond sexual pleasure because without taking care of myself mentally, I cannot (or just don’t care to) take care of myself physically or my partner, King Big Cream. It was a day my daughter was out, he was working, and I had no other responsibilities for the night. I started my bath, turned on my Crime Junkie podcast, and waited for the tube to start filling. Okay….maybe I didn’t wait too long cause it was a slight puddle when I dumped it (I WAS EXCITED OKAY). Not even two minutes later I touched what felt like a bazillion crushed up Orbeez or the inside of a diaper that gets really soggy – and my tub was halfway filled with that alone. I SQUEALED with excitement because it already smelled and felt so good. I got the Ocean Temptations sent and it was a beautiful royal blue color that was just so appealing to my eyes. I did have SOME self control because I let it fill up a little more before jumping in. Mind you, I am a bigger person so I did have to consider the water-gel combo dispersing when I got in so wasn’t very long before the tub was filled to the top with me in it.

I felt like I was in my own little mini heaven. The scent wasn’t too strong (I get migraines if it is), the feeling of the gel was making my whole body feel so soft – especially my legs despite not shaving them in a few days. I just felt so happy. I was relaxed but in the sense that I was playing with and squishing the gel mixture in my hands, between my toes, swirling it in the water. I felt like the world only included me in that tub with the gel. And that is how one experiences intimacy and self-care with yourself – not with any toys or hands, just time to taking care of oneself. I am sure this is not exactly the review you were expecting, but this is the truth: it is not always about getting off, rather it is making sure you are in the right mindset so you can do things like physically take care of yourself, your partner, or even things that go beyond sex. Intimacy is important to have with yourself too.

Shunga Lovebath Sensual Lotus

The Aftermath

Here is where I do have to caution people prior to jumping in the tub. The first is: yes, there is a mixture that will turn the gel back to a liquid BUT in the several times I’ve used them before, including for this review, it was not enough. Always bring some extra salt with you (if you have bath salts already, they can help too). Also, despite all the salt I put in the tub, I still found myself rubbing it off my skin when back in my room to get dressed. It was easy to clean up off the floor which was surprising (if you’ve ever experienced Orbeez, you know this is not usually the case). I will say, my skin felt amazing and I could still smell the scent all over. I ultimately felt extremely relaxed and ready to take on the rest of my night (sleeping like a baby).

This product is the first I will recommend for fun people only! I don’t necessarily think I would have an ‘erotic’ fun in it for risk of getting into places I definitely don’t want it, but I do believe intimacy can be pulled from using the Shunga LoveBath in a way that is fun and allows you to truly unwind. If you’re sensitive to weird textures and a gel bath doesn’t seem super appealing to you, you can also try other bath products or read up on if massage oils as a great alternative.

Stay Sexual!

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