Lady Genevieve Reviews Size Up Rechargeable Pump

Lady Genevieve
Size Up Rechargeable Pump

Obviously (or okay, maybe less so if you’re new here), but penis-specific products are not my jam (mostly because I can’t use them but also sometimes I have to be nice(r) to King Big Cream to get him to use something). It’s not that he hates using toys at all, it’s that he’s kind of like me in knows what he likes and what he doesn’t. In this case, pumps are something he wouldn’t think twice about if given the option to buy a toy on his own. However EYE was curious because WHAT is the difference between a manual and rechargeable pump. WHY would a penis-owner prefer a manual pump to a rechargeable one because WHAT DOES IT DO!? So I brought him home the new Size Up Rechargeable Pump 😉

What’s the Difference?

Okay, so I definitely will admit I misunderstood what the pump ACTUALLY does. You see, in the Size Up collection – there IS a vibrating one (as well as other pumps we still have in store), which being a non-penis owning individual, I think is weird because the intended us of the pump is pretty much the ONLY thing you can do with it (bring blood to the penis to create or help develop and erection). I guess in theory.. and by a retail standpoint you can use it for other things since they have interchangeable sleeves (just the top part of them honestly) to look like pussies and buttholes as well as vibrating pumps. But with the empty space of them, it doesn’t seem as fun as using a masturbator with a full sleeve. The difference for the Size Up Rechargeable Pump is not that it vibrates (cause it doesn’t), but it’s better for one-handed use! You don’t need to manually pump with a trigger or anything like that – simple one handed control with 3 buttons: one to increase pressure, one to decrease and the best button of all – one for release!

The Consensus?

Personally, it can be kind of hard to get Cream’s opinion on anything. On sex toys? He’s pretty upfront. First off, he didn’t want to use the sleeve that goes on the bottom on the pump. He said it was uncomfortable despite all the lube he put on it so he took it off to use the pump. The first time messing with it, he said he accidentally got one of his balls sucked in (and yes, I laughed). The second time he was sure to be carefully and slowly messed with the increasing and decreasing the pressure as well as releasing it. Despite it being sexy with him messing with his dick while I was playing with myself, I could tell he wasn’t entirely into it (the pump itself – not me, he likes me). It didn’t kill our fun honestly because we still did what people do when they’re in the mood! But of course I had to ask his thoughts once our hearts stopped racing.

Size Up Rechargeable Pump

He was honest when he said he didn’t like it but it’s not something he uses or wants to use – and I don’t necessarily blame him. Whether it’s stigma surrounding the use of a pump or because he really doesn’t like the sensation it gives, he has every right to just not want to like or use something and that’s okay! I did ask him if he has to chose between a manual pump and the rechargeable, what would he choose and he actually picked the Size Up Rechargeable Pump! He said he likes having his one hand free for me and only having to simply push a button to release the suction compared to other pumps where you need 2 hands to use it. From my stand-point, I’m not a huge fan of the advertising or the measuring tape because realistically you can’t make your penis bigger with a bump. Temporarily, yes, but not permanently without surgery or some type of fat injection. Yea, let’s stop body shaming penis-sizes people it’s not cool.

Overall, I can’t say that I wouldn’t recommend the Size Up Rechargeable Pump because it does serve a purpose for someone who might has some disabilities, however I do believe our store (just our store, I can’t speak for anyone else), does have more wallet-friendly options. Also, it did TECHNICALLY do it’s job. At this point it may come down to aesthetics (it’s black and red versus just straight black like the others we have) and comes with 3 different cock rings, a measuring tape and a storage bag! I can’t make up your mind for you, but hopefully you can make the right decision for yourself from what information I could provide.

Stay Sexual!

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