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Lady Genevieve

I’m not going to lie, this review almost didn’t happen and mostly because someone within Fantasy Gifts NJ thought I was going to tear this particular product apart so they didn’t encourage me to do it. I do know what I like and with lubes I am very careful because I have that sensitive skin, but I will absolutely give any product a fair shot (although I do admire the challenges I receive from my perceived preferences – this makes reviews fun). Skins lubricants is from one of our favorite manufacturers – Creative Conceptions. They make a lot of the fun couples games we carry such as the Sexy 6 Dice or our top selling game from them – Monogamy! As far as business owners and manufacturers go, they are incredible in working with small businesses like ours which says a lot when the company itself is based overseas in the UK.

Three’s Company

skins super slide silicone lubricant
Skins Superslide Silicone Lube

We brought in this line at the end of November along with the donations for Prism’s Sexy Bingo and they started selling fairly quickly! Skins bottles actually hold 4.4 fluid ounces of lubricant and despite being a little more product per bottle, they are actually more affordable than Wicked and System JO with their 4 oz bottles (a very big plus if you ask me). The biggest thing I had to consider was how my skin would react to having their formula against my skin – and if you recall I react to EVERYTHING. Technically, silicone is one of those things that most people aren’t allergic to, rather it is something within a product (it’s in shampoo and other types of cosmetics so think of those additional ingredients needed to make foundation and such) but they haven’t met ME. So yes, I was a little apprehensive but only because my recovery time from some weird skin reaction can vary (I know, all the sexy information in this review but it’s RELEVANT). The first one I gave a try was the Superslide Silicone Lubricant because it is labeled as a 3-in-1 formula. The good thing about most silicone lubes is that regardless of what brand they are, they do stay much longer than water-based lubricants and really do have multiple purposes such as helping with chub rub in the summer! In this instance it was for the ultimate test – anal. This is something I don’t do often because both King Big Cream and I just… don’t want to do it? I’d be fine with a plug being worn during sex (or even throughout the day), but in recent years I’ve sort of distanced myself from anal sex in general for not specific reason other than I’m just not as interested in it anymore. But this night we were in some full-moon kinda mood to do it and boy was I happy we had some silicone lube on hand! We definitely needed a little more than expected while using it, however, it definitely felt like it was still around until we cleaned ourselves up and no evidence of some weird reaction either!

Skins Flavored Lubricant in chocolate bubblegum and strawberry
Skins Flavored Lubricants

Next, I moved onto the flavored lubes – of the 3 we have, I tried the Strawberry and Bubblegum flavors. These two definitely had me more nervous because I am weird with fake fruit tastes – I won’t even drink that bubbly water because it’s too LIGHT (like really, I’ll swallow down Cream’s swimmers but fake watermelon taste? fuhgettaboutit). Bubblegum can also be a tough flavor to tackle it it’s not real bubblegum or some type of ice cream. Regardless, I knew I had to be #BraveForTheBlog. Of course the first thing I do is get a finger’s worth of strawberry in my mouth at work with questioning from Naomi (you’d think at this point she’d stop asking and just accept this life for me). And…. I was actually surprised I enjoyed it! It wasn’t that awful strong fake strawberry taste that you find with candy, but it also wasn’t so light that I could hardly taste it. In fact… it pretty much did taste like real strawberries! The Bubblegum was also pretty on point with what I expect when I taste Double Bubble or gum balls from the machines! Creative Conceptions… if you are listening… DO PEANUT BUTTER NEXT.

And finally, I decided to give their Excite Tingling Lubricant a go – something I don’t use often with any toys or with any partners. Again, one of those things that I’m not opposed to, but I just don’t grab for it on a normal moment of intimacy with Cream. I was actually very interested in this because most of the stimulating products I’ve used have been intended for clitoral stimulation so using an actual lube with some type of stimulation did intrigue me…. With the Excite lube, I decided to use it with using my Nu Sensuelle Kiah Rabbit to assist in stimulating things externally and internally, but I hardly needed to use a dang thing cause as soon as I placed the lube on myself, I started feeling it! With is being a “tingling” effect, it is going to have menthol in it and be a slightly cooling effect. I know that can actually been too intense for some people, so if this is something you already know about yourself, this isn’t for you. Me, on the other hand, actually enjoyed the tingling feeling! It does take me longer to orgasm from penetrative sex/toys, however, using Skins Excite lubricant actually made it quicker and continued to give me that magical feeling afterwards that had me walking weird for a little ????‍????.

Skins is for Everyone

That’s probably the best part about reviewing lubes – majority of lubes are intended for EVERYONE regardless of their use. I really did end up liking Creative Conceptions Skins lubes and a lot does have to do with the amount you’re getting and how much money you’d be saving, especially if you do go through lube quickly. It’s an actual “more bang for your buck” situation! Sure, we all have our preferences of favorites and how they work with our bodies, but Skins most definitely gives me another option to have and know I can trust.

Stay Sexual!

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