Lady Genevieve Reviews Tantric Sex Cards and High Climax

Lady Genevieve

I now realize that the two things I am reviewing today are seemingly contradictions – one encourages waiting to climax while the other encourages a stronger and faster climax. Why did I do this? I actually have no idea – it kind of just happened. But trust me on this, it all worked out mostly because I did not use them at the same time.

Tantric Sex Cards

These cards came to my attention from our online stats and I’m not surprised, I feel like the practice of tantric sex has significant increased in the last few years. Tantric sex is a “slow, meditative sex where the end goal is not to orgasm, but rather enjoy the sexual journey and sensations of the body.” There are many studies, products, books, and even in-person lessons on how to engage in tantric sex and many it work for you and/or your partners. Now, it may not be for everyone, however, these cards are great for more than JUST tantric sex – rather building up on intimacy. The cards boast “100,000 possible paths to powerful orgasms” so there is somewhat of an end goal in mind for those who do like to climax.

tantric sex couples game
Tantric Sex Couples Sex Position Card Game

The instructions state they are “simple” and all you need to do is select the cards you want to act out, recommending one of each other be picked OR play a game to determine your night’s adventure. Sure… simple… until you get to the rules and start playing. You obviously shuffle the cards and place in one single pile with the PICTURES facing down while dealing 5 cards to each player (since King Big Cream and I are monogamous, it was just us two for this game). It was weird to have the pictures facing down because we could see the descriptions of the actions on the top, but, those are the rules (shoulder shrug). Players take turns drawing cards and after a card if drawn, they will decide to keep or replace one of their original 5. If you decide to discard your newly drawn card or one of your hand, that must be placed with the image facing UP. The next player will then decide to take a card from the discard pile or from the new deck pile and then decide if they also would like to keep their newly drawn card or use what they have already. Once a player has completed a fantasy in their hand, they place them down and then they win (a completed fantasy must consist of all 5 colors – which kind of contradicts the ‘simple instructions’ previously given). The couple will then act out the cards in the color order of red, orange-yellow, green, blue and purple. Simple and yet, I am pretty sure we played wrong.

We went through the WHOLE deck before we decided we liked what was in our hands so we think we played the wrong way… But we thought maybe it is a good way to get started, because ultimately we did laugh at some of the cards and we talked about the reasons WHY we discarded the cards (i.e. we already do that, one or neither of us like what was on the card, etc.). I will say, this is something I think we can and will use again (when we have time because we are parents), but it is a great way for us to slow down and enjoy each other before we just jump into bed together. The one critique I have about this game is that it really is more directed toward heterosexual couples, however, I can imagine easily swapping out terms on the cards for the terms hat fit you and your partner if you want to put in the extra time to think about that swap.

High Climax Female Arousal Cream

High Climax Female Stimulating Cream with Hemp Seed Oi
High Climax Female Arousal Cream

Now, I already had the opportunity to try out and review the Ooowee Anal Relaxer from Body Action Products and I thought it worked incredibly well. I am now seeing so many online and in-store purchases of the High Climax Female Arousal Cream that I just had to try it for myself and see what all the buzz is about (and no, I could not find anything on TikTok, social media, or other forms of media mentioning it so I am stumped). While getting ready to take the trip to pound town, I grabbed the arousal cream and took less than a pea-sized amount to my clitoris and INSTANTLY I felt its effects. Big Cream also got a huge wiff of the icy-hot smell just as quickly and was not happy about that – trust me, I was even less thrilled with the combination as I wasn’t sure if it was supposed to feel this aggressive or I was just my usual sensitive self. However, it did start to calm down the slightest bit and became more tolerable and I then understood how it worked (I mean… it does say CONCENTRATED right on the bottle…..). I’m slightly torn about this formula for a few reasons. it has been around for years and I see great reviews for it on every website I’ve found it on (aside from the smell being the one thing that doesn’t give it a perfect product), and I feel like it does work if you know what to expect. On the flip side, I’m not sure I need it or really enjoyed how strong it was so it almost took me and Cream out of the mood – if it weren’t for this review, I probably would have hopped in the shower and went straight to bed. I would say use this product with caution – get the little packets first to spot test and then see if you truly like it and if it’s meant for you. If you love it, get the bottle because as I mentioned, less than a pea-sized amount was truly powerful so that bottle will last you a looooooong time.

Stay Sexual!

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