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We’ve been seeing an uptick in more military themed products including from out favorite manufacturer, Evolved and their brands. Why this is, I couldn’t tell you but it IS happening and they’re all pretty snazzy looking (except the color – I have been judging the color cause its just not my type of green). Regardless, there is one toy I really wanted to try because it is from Evolved Selopa line (their wallet-friendly brand) and because it has a larger than average base.  Why did this intrigue me? Because most toys with cresant shaped anchors can be worn throughout the day (while you can wear circular-based ones during the day, just less comfortably).  This … is the Selopa The Colonel.

selopa the colonel
Selopa The Colonel

Disabilities Don’t Have To Stop You From Pleasure

Right off the bat I want to remind everyone that military vets are not the only people with disabilities and that they are not always visible – physical or not. Within the sex toy industry, there has been a push for inclusion of all body types, especially bigger bodies and those with disabilities.  With that push, more toys have been made to be more ergonomic in shape or have started including remote controls.  The Colonel is no exception as it does come with a battery-powered remote control. THANKFULLY the remote uses AAA batteries rather than those pesky cell/watch batteries.  However, it doesn’t come with the battery so you know I had to originally pull one from my remote since I didn’t have any free ones on hand.  The remote is supposed to have a 30′ foot range. Now, when I do my experiments like these, they aren’t always the sexiest.  Also, I am probably not the most put together ‘scientist’ either.  I definitely didn’t measure how far I was from King Big Cream when I had him messing with the remote, but I will say I was all over my house and the backyard having him change the patterns.  One of the biggest concerns you will hear from us as bigger people is that the signal tends to get blocked by our thicccccc-ness.  The Colonel held on pretty well, especially since it is supposed to be a wallet-friendly toy (compared to a bluetooth enabled toy that can be used across the world).

I Am The Captain Now

Selopa The Colonel with remote and charging cord

I’m not saying I love being a pillow princess and I am not saying I hate being on top by any means, but I felt like The Colonel needed me to use it while I was on top ONLY because of some of the movements I make.  Don’t ask me about this logic, it just made the most sense to me at the time. Anywhoooo, I decided to pop that sucker before I let Big Cream penetrate me (after tons of foreplay of course) and we went to town. Ultimately, I could feel The Colonel more than I was expecting to (or wanted to?) because the anchor it a bit bigger than one you can wear throughout the day – I would compare it to using a rounded base plug. Also because it is bigger, I could feel it while on top of Cream (and he said he could feel it too).  He did use the remote a few times but ultimately we forgot about it when we got into the depths of playtime. I didn’t orgasm from the plug (although it did have great strength in the vibrations) itself however when I turned it off (because I prefer the feeling of fullness) and used another one of my fave clit vibes, when I did orgasm it felt amazing because of the additional pressure coming from the inside.

Ultimately, The Colonel would be something I would recommend to certain people. Of course, anyone who likes anal play is a go (and that is regardless of sexuality or current partners), but things to consider include liking vibrations vs only feeling of fullness and the desired reason for needing a remote. What do I mean by that? I mean do you like feeling different types of vibrations during your play or prefer steady speeds? Do you want your bootyhole to look pretty from behind or do you not care whats viewed down there? Even though The Colonel is a pretty inexpensive toy, it can be a tad extra for someone who wants steady vibrations or cares about how the toy looks to a potential partner. Actually, this might be a better toy for solo play, too, if some of those things matter to you, but you still like butt stuff. Just because I don’t like the color (and I am not interested in butt vibrations), I wouldn’t poo poo (pun intended?) this product for anyone!

Stay Sexual!

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