Lady Genevieve Reviews the Coochy Ultra Shave Collection

Lady Genevieve
Coochy Ultra Shave Collection

If you know me well, you know I love me some Coochy, so I was THRILLED to hear Classic Brands added a new Coochy line for more coarse hair (it me!) – The Coochy Ultra Shave Collection. I was slightly very upset hearing they discontinued the Original scent and although I’m happy to use Frosted Cake and Au Natural, I was hoping that this new line would maybe give me another scent I could pick up if I wanted to switch things up. Classic Brands delivered and not just with some new scents, but whole new products. The new scent is Mango Coconut but the ingrown hair oil is Lemongrass Lime. We got some tester packets in and IMMEDIATELY I ripped them open and started sniffing them – almost the to the point I almost accidentally inhaled the shave cream. My first initial reaction was mixed – I felt like I liked the scent, but I had a hard time determining what I smelled more – coconut or just soap (I’m leaning more towards coconut now). I also don’t normally like the smell of lemongrass because I feel like it is too strong and not as appealing, but I was pleasantly surprised at how soft it seemed. I wasn’t sold yet – I needed to really try it (cue Spongebob’s *5 hours later…* voice).

The True Test

I took no time in waiting to test this collection out and just brought everything in the shower with me (not totally necessary, but I had no self-control at this point). The first thing I took out was the body scrub (Step 1) and I picked a spot on my mons pubis (over my pubic bone) to shave. Before I describe the body scrub, I want to give you an idea of what scrubs I normally use: from a circular tub or container where I scoop it out and more of a grainy feel. Coochy’s body scrub comes out of a squeeze tube that you DON’T have to take the top(maybe bottom? – THE PART THAT STANDS IT UP RIGHT) off of entirely – it comes through a hole right in the middle of it. It seems to have a bit of a more thick lotion-y feel and not as grainy. I was a bit worried that it would be too soft because I do get dry, flaky skin when I forget to moisturize, BUT after rubbing it on my pelvic area and arm pits, my worries disappeared. I felt like it did lather up a bit while I had some water on me, but that might be more of a user error on my end, possibly? The smell of the Mango Coconut started to fill my bathroom and I was loving every second of it.

Coochy Ultra Body Scrub
Coochy Ultra Body Scrub

Next, I moved onto the shave cream and it felt as it was the same thickness and formula as the cream in their original line, so I loved it but that did make me think what makes this different from the original shave cream line? After comparing, there is more/different ingredients in the Ultra Collection and I’m not a chemist or dermatologist, so I can’t say for sure if that is the only difference between the original line and the Ultra. Regardless, it still seems to be the reliable cream I enjoy and all without breaking out! This comes in a slightly larger tube than the original and also has the hole-thingy in the cap.

The 3rd step in the Ultra line is using the ingrown hair oil and I placed that on a spot I have been having issues with – it doesn’t feel super heavy and the lemongrass lime scent mixed very nicely with the mango coconut already swirling through the air. This product is safe enough to not only work after shaving, but after waxing AND laser hair removal if you choose to use those hair removal tactics. This product is in a glass bottle with one of those droppers (oooh, fancy).

And finally, I placed the body lotion on the spot I shaved, the spots that desperately need moisture, and the spots that will see more razor burns and irritation after I shave. This lotion made my skin feel so smooth and I did NOT react to it when I placed over the shaved area or any other of my eaily irritated areas (yet another miracle from Coochy!). This lotion comes in a pump bottle for you to easily dispense.

Does Coochy Deserve the ‘Ultra’ Name?

Coochy Ultra Ingrown Hair Oil
Coochy Ultra Ingrown Hair Oil

To be honest, I am not sure yet! I know that sounds weird, but hear me out: The hole in the top of the scrub and the cream seems innovative, but I also worry about it sitting in stagnant water or getting covered in soap scum and hosting bacteria in the bottle. As tiny as it is, it can be possible (as I think back to the germ lights we used in grade school). I also am not sure yet if I can definitely say that the oil will help ingrown hairs. Some backstory – I have been dealing with a spot on my mons pubis for this entire year if not a little longer. I started using another product and it helps slowly, but hasn’t entirely corrected the issue. I want to continue to JUST use the Coochy hair oil before I make any decision if it works (meaning you can expect an update in the future!). Otherwise, I am happy with the smell and the feel of the products – but only time will tell if it reigns superior to the original line. Don’t be shy, try it for yourself!

Stay Sexual!

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