Lady Genevieve Reviews The Little Secret Panty Vibe

Lady Genevieve

I feel like I’ve tried every panty vibe there is out there, which I know is an exaggeration, but this is why you Scoopers are here… aren’t you?! But seriously, I can think of a few panty vibes and other wearables I received and used prior to these magnetic wonders that are being sold today. And yes, they are fun, but does a price point make a huge difference on that enjoyment? This review is going to revolve around Satisfyer’s Little Secret Panty Vibe as well as the differences found in the We-Vibe Moxie (now the We-Vibe Moxie+) … ohhhh we love competing company comparisons!

About my Little Secret….

satisfyer little secret panty vibe

Okay, it’s not MYYYY little secret, but it is MY Little Secret like I don’t have a secret but I own the Little Secret. Okay you know what I mean. One of the first features I noticed about the Little Secret is that it is ergonomic and has a better fit for bodies of all shapes, sizes and genitalia. I also love the black silicone and chic gold magnet that give it a classy look perfect for casual or formal occasions. Yes, of course it is app compatible and I DO recommend using these types of products with the app, however, I chose to try this panty vibe over the Satisfyer Sexy Secret because Little Secret has a remote! If you’ve been following me for a while, you should know by now I could do without the apps and I certainly appreciate the remotes! Regarding the Satisfyer app, one cool thing to know is that once it is connected to your phone, it is not only encrypted, but it cannot connect to other devices unless you disconnect it from your device. Also, it gives you the battery power as well on the app! The app includes program play, live control, ambient sound, music vibes, and Remotya stories which are little mini erotica stories (okay, that’s actually pretty cool).

Now, The Differences

As I mentioned, the Little Secret panty vibe is more ergonomically shaped and for my standards (having a vulva), it lays flatter and surrounds my clit while the back end is slightly laying on my labia (not inserted, but not on top of it either – nestled in perfectly). The Moxie is pretty much all on top of your vulva and isn’t as flexible or soft to sit on as the Little Secret. I do think the magnet for the Moxie is stronger, better placed and you do get 2 of them because we know accidents happen and we can something lose them. In my hand, the Moxie seems a bit stronger and have more rumbly vibrations BUT holding it up to my clitoris, it honestly felt the exact same. Basically both can get you off, but realistically the fun comes from wearing them in public.

we vibe moxie +

So, Which Do You Prefer?

Well, this is actually a tough one for me! I know We-Vibe is a bit better quality with rumbly vibrations, comes with multiple magnets and the remote of the Moxie+ is something that can also be used by whomever. HOWEVER Satisfyer has a longer manufacturer’s warranty, is more affordable and ergonomically shaped for more people to utilize. I think at this point, it might come down to the look of this product, what you can afford at the time or who you have your loyalty aligned towards. I think knowing that the newest version of the Moxie (Moxie+ with the remote), I would still end up choosing that because it’s like having two toys in one. The Satisfyer Little Secret is absolutely a close second by mere millimeters! This is one that you folx, my Scoopers, may have to decide on your own which to buy!

Stay Sexual!!

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