Lady Genevieve Reviews the Palmpower Pocket Mini Massager

Lady Genevieve

I’ve been eyeing up this one particular toy since I started in my new position at Fantasy Gifts NJ because it is one of a handful of toys that sells out so much that we have to keep back stock (and that will even go just before we make our next shipment orders). This thing may have mini in the name, but the power you feel from the tester is stroooooong. And finally I was given the opportunity to review the PalmPower Pocket Mini Massager and I will say the results are unexpected.

Giddy Squeals

palmpower pocket mini massager
PalmPower Pocket Mini Massager

I was so excited getting this mini massager that I was distracting myself at work just admiring it – the small and inconspicuous vibrator with its little mini carrying case. We’ve mentioned it a few times in a few other blogs because it is perfect for travel or if you need to have toys that are easy to tuck away and I am a huge fan of this since I have a very curious daughter at home. I was aware of some reviews online about the issue with the dead breaking after several months, but I wasn’t phased because sometimes that is just user error (pushing to hard trying to see how much pressure it can handle). When I got home, I pretty much held King Big Cream hostage to LOOK AT IT. LOOK HOW CUTE IT IS. FEEL IT. But wait, I went to go turn it on and it didn’t take the usual 3 seconds… maybe like 5 or 6. Which isn’t a biggie, but c’mon, most have a 3 second hold. It buzzed a few times and then I went to go turn it on and it… didn’t? I tried again, felt the few buzzes, and nothing. Then I clicked the button and it started vibrating at the lowest level. I thought that was weird because it made me think it’s been semi on this whole time? But this thought took a whole 3 seconds and I went right back to total excitement. (Side note: if I would have read the box I studied so hard, I would have found that it actually has a 1 second hold, but it still doesn’t seem like that quick to be honest with you). It has 4 steady levels and then goes into its patterns (only 3 thank goodness), a silicone and flexible head, USB rechargeable and is water-resistant (not submersible, but I don’t tend to bring toys in the shower/bath with me).

But What Are These Unexpected Results?

PalmPower Pocket with Storage Case

Okay so here is the nitty gritty good stuff: did I get off using it? Yes. Did it slightly disappoint you when trying to get off on it? Also yes, and let me tell you why I felt this way. Yes, it feels super strong and powerful in your hand or doing the nose test (where you put the tip of the toy to your nose to test strength), but when I held it up against my clit, it felt way too buzzy rather than having the deeper vibrations I was expecting. I will say my expectations may have messed it up for me, however, usually strong vibrations on MY nose does feel as it should when I use it on my clit (emphasis on usually). Now, I will say I was in the mood because Big Cream and I were having sex and I wanted to use that to orgasm, but I just couldn’t the very first time. A few days later when we had sex again, I tried it again and this time I finished but took a while. The 3rd and 4th time I used it was by myself in my usual set up: on my bed, porn on my phone, in an absolutely state of relaxation, and it still took a looooong time. I was kind of disappointed but to be honest with you, I would use it again. Yup, I absolutely plan on keeping it in my drawer and oddly enough, I can’t pinpoint why. I think back and maybe it was because I kept thinking about the high expectations I had for it and I am still holding onto it; maybe I wasn’t as relaxed or into using it because I was a little tired, but even writing these down don’t feel like the right answers to me. I haven’t experienced anything with the head breaking as I’ve only had it few a few weeks at this point, but if an update is needed, an update will be given. I will say, massagers are always one of my faves to review because I can say they are truly meant for anyone and everyone – those who identify as male/female/non-bianry/trans and for those in any type of relationship. They can be used on multiple body parts and this massager is under $50 which won’t break your bank.

Stay Sexual!

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