Lady Genevieve Reviews the Womanizer Classic 2

Lady Genevieve

Excuse me while I first FANGIRL over the the Special Edition Marilyn Monroe Mint Green Womanizer I bought recently in 3…2…1.. AHHHHHHHH!!!!! Okay, I’m done (for now). Yes, Womanizer has come out with 4 Special Edition colors for their Marilyn Monroe collection and I special ordered myself the mint green one because WHY THE HECKEN NOT. Now, I will preface this blog by saying that we are not currently carrying any of the colors, however, that does not mean that we won’t in the future***. Also, this is ultimately the Womanizer Classic 2 (which we do carry) in some additional pretty colors and with one of the most beautiful women on the cover of the box. With this review, I’m going to be primarily doing a compare and contrast to the Womanizer Premium (that I also reviewed) which has always help the top spot in my toy drawer for years now with no chance in sight of being dethroned.

The Little Things Count

womanizer premium
Womanizer Premium 2 in Blueberry

The little things about products are just as important as the big things like power and material and both the Classic and Premium, they come with a charger, storage bag, and additional nozzle to help with various body shapes. Similar to the Womanizer Premium, its body is made of ABS plastic and with removable/replaceable silicone nozzle for air pulse stimulation, but I feel as though the Premium has silicone on the body as well since it does have a softer touch to it. The shape of the body on the Classic is a little more straighter compared to the curvy body of the Premium as well, and the classic does not have a little metallic accent to it like the Premium does. Another difference that the Classic has 10 intensities (versus the Premium’s 12) and they have this weird “After Glow” feature that when you quickly push the on button, it will go back to the lowest intensity for an easy ride to the end. This is a feature that the Premium does not have, however, the Premium does have the autopilot button – but I couldn’t care less about either of theses feature honestly because I never use the autopilot and I probably won’t ever use the after glow either. The biggest differences in functions that the Classic does not have the Smart Stop technology. For those who have not read my previous review (and should – HINT HINT NUDGE NUDGE), this is a great feature for those that need a quick way to turn something off when your 8 year old comes knocking on the door and your thrown into a panic because you have to turn off the porn you’re watching and also can’t find the off button to the toy at the same time. The Premium starts working when it detects water/moisture so it doesn’t start air pulse-ing until it’s close to your body and stops when you remove it … unless you’ve finished and now you have your … uh… water juices all over it. But the Classic not having that may not be a problem for everyone, especially if you don’t care if your house guests try to interrupt your personal time.

But the Big Things Count Even More

womanizer classic 2
Womanizer Classic 2 in Bordeaux

Here is where the most important difference comes into play when deciding to choose between the Premium and the Classic – air pulse intensity. Sure, the Premium has ‘more’ intensities, but the fact of the matter is that the lower intensities on the Premium are similar to the stronger levels on the Classic. Sure, the Classic absolutely 100% has done it’s job over and over again since I’ve purchased it, but I have found myself to be a little disappointed by how weak I feel the Classic is to the Premium. However, I DO NOT want this to deter you from potentially purchasing a product you will love. Just because I prefer the stronger products, does not mean that the next person does not prefer or only need those lighter vibrations and air pulses (you have NO idea how lucky you are my friends). Overall, this product is still a must have in my book: it’s an investment but you get a GREAT quality product (and less expensive than the Premium), still has a fairly universal use to it (i.e. nipples, testicles, shaft of penis, etc.). This is something that probably won’t be used exclusively by a penis-owner or those in a penis-owners only relationship, but that is not an absolute at all when it comes to air pulse and suction toys. I say give it a go if you want that great quality product that will last a while – having my Premium for years and using it the most (if not almost exclusively when it is for my own personal urges and not for a review) does have a testament to how well these products are manufactured and I will be holding my new Classic to the same standards.

Stay Sexual Scoopers!

***Since this blog has been posted, we have started getting in various colors! Currently available in various colors!!

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