Lady Genevieve Reviews We-Vibe Chorus

Lady Genevieve
We-Vibe Chorus

So, as much as I haven’t had the greatest lust (or luck) with a lot of the couple’s vibrators out there, I really wanted to try the We-Vibe Chorus because it has so much technology and options with it… I just couldn’t help myself (and I KNOW that is weird of me but I WAS INTRIGUED)! This isn’t a new product my any means, but it has been one of the more popular couples vibrators out there even though it is a more expensive version and here is why:

  1. Not only do you have the We-Vibe app for you to connect with a partner both in-person and long distance – you have a SQUEEZE control remote to use rather than pushing the button on the vibrator OR using the app which could ultimately be a distraction. This remote actually responds to you squeezing it to increase the vibrations! (You should know by now I like-y me remotes and this one is pretty cool for that feature).
  2. This We-Vibe has “Touch-sense” technology which responds to contact with your partner (in-person of course). The instructions state that the Chorus “understands” how it is being using and respond accordingly. There are 3 difference modes and all seem like great options depending on how you and your partner move!
  3. The charger is a container that helps keep it protected on your bedside table! Sure, it isn’t a UV light or sanitizer or anything and you still have it wash it like any other toy, but it helps when you have offspring or guests running around with their nose in everything and keeps your stuff a bit more private (or can be like a blinking neon sign of what you and your partner do – whichever you prefer).
We-Vibe Chorus in charger

Did We Fangirl?

No, we didn’t fangirl and I expected that, however the vibrations from the Chorus weren’t bad. I still used it on myself to finish up after me and Big Cream experimented with it (and of course after removing it so we could actually enjoy each other). Something that you will need to keep in mind is that at this point I am extremely pregnant and maybe had some alternative motives for trying to orgasm so my focus was also elsewhere on my body. This was a pretty short review because I almost knew the outcome since it was very similar to my other couples vibes reviews, but there were important features I needed to share with everyone.

Worth The Investment?

we vibe chorus in blue
We-Vibe Chorus with Squeeze Remote

Purchasing the We-Vibe Chorus really does come down to being made more for cishet couples, but We-Vibe is a company known for focusing on that demographic in their ‘couples’ vibrators. However, they does have other good products for those who are trans/NB and who are in queer relationships. This is just one product that isn’t for you and I wouldn’t bother wasting money on it if you don’t ‘fit’ into that narrow category. If you’re not obsessed with the high-tech products, there are more inexpensive options out there that work just as well. A weird tid-bit of information I want to point out that seems less tech-y for the We-Vibe Chorus is that it is the vibrator is waterproof BUT the squeeze remote is ONLY splash proof, so you cannot have that submerged during any playtime. Something to remember is that this is one of We-Vibe’s top selling products and a huge seller for many stores because it is a way to bring couples together. I hate to always say this, but I also stand by it: just because I don’t like something doesn’t mean you won’t too. However, I would recommend trying a more wallet friendly product before deciding if I want to invest in the We-Vibe Chorus.

Stay Sexual!

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