Lady Genevieve Reviews We Vibe Ditto Anal Plug

Anal play is the new norm.  If you don’t believe me then you may need to climb out from under your rock and do some research – may I suggest listening to Princess Vitarah?  One of the great things about anal play is it works for everyone!  Straight, gay, or solo play, everyone has a butt and that means I’m reviewing the We-Vibe Ditto!

Toys can be used as precedent to anal sex.  It’s fairly well known that many porn stars use plugs and trainers just before doing anal scenes.  Us “civilians” can use it in the same manner when getting comfortable with anal sex with a partner or just prepping for it’s potential later that day. But I’m going to review it as an implement for sex.  The We-Vibe isn’t just any ol’ butt plug – it has the capabilities to be controlled by your partner halfway around the world.  We-Vibe is a company known for its partner play for the past 10 years!


I am a huge fan of anal play and anal sex to the point where some days I prefer it over vaginal.  Within this year pas year, I actually discovered that people (me) CAN orgasm via anal sex.  Unfortunately, just as squirting was for me, I am trying to figure out what it was that happened that made me do it so I can recreate it.  It was definitely a different kind of orgasm and WOW was it enjoyable.  Aside from that, I have no crazy stories or experiences from anal play, which is a GOOD THING.  Anything anal related should be just as enjoyable as your “normal/regular” sexual activity – if you are uncomfortable or it is painful, STOP.  The use of the Ditto during sex is amazing for men and women!  Not just because of the feeling of the pressure the toy gives/being filled up that stimulates vaginal intercourse and masturbation, but the rumbly vibrations add sensations to my clitoris from my rear entrance so when I orgasm and it feels like I may be having multiple types at the same time.  Also, a man’s prostate/p-spot is stimulated by pressure and vibrations as well and increases their sensitivity and how powerful their orgasm is as well.  WHO WOULDN’T WANT THOSE THINGS!?  (PSA: if you’re wondering how a butt plug could stimulate a clitoris, please Google what the entire clitoris looks like. Thank you.)  I’m not a fan of using the app (cause I’m probably too busy using it to watch porn), so luckily We-Vibe made the nice decision to include a remote for the Ditto so you can control the vibrations/patterns with that instead.


Now, despite my lack of interest in using the Bluetooth, this toy is great for foreplay and sexting for those of you who are dedicated techies or tend to be away from your partner for longer periods of time.  You can sync up your phone OR your partners phone and your partner can control it for you.  The thought behind this is sexier than in practice in my opinion.  As I mentioned, I have only played with the app with Lance once before, but in reality, I use it more when I’m alone (which I still don’t touch often) and we have not felt the need or have wanted to take the time out to sync up the phone, mess with the apps capabilities, and so on.  The app is pretty impressive though!  You have 10 different vibration patterns and can control the speed of that pattern which is cool.  You can also create your own pattern by combining the preset vibes, using a touch pad AND using sounds (let that bass DROP).  Now THAT’S cool.  Despite it not being my cup of tea, I can definitely appreciate something unique when I see it.


The We-Vibe Ditto is great for beginners and is just as fun for those familiar with the use of anal toys.  It’s design – flat on one side and has a bit of a blub on the other- gives for easy insertion!  It has a wide base for safety, which is something you ABSOLUTELY need to look for in a butt plug.  It is made of 100% silicone, which is great for when you want to wear this toy out.  This silicone is made of such high quality that We-Vibe has even partnered with Pjur and stated that even their silicone lube is compatible with it.  High-grade silicone with high-grade silicone does NOT actually eat each other.  BUT (pun intended) the company still provides you with a water-based lube in it’s box and I would still recommend using silicone with caution because unless it’s been beat into your head to look out for that type of stuff, you may forget and slip up and use silicone lube on a not so high quality toy or vice versa.   Stick with water-based or hybrid if necessary.


Communication is KEY to any and all sexual activities between partners, but especially anal play – discuss desires and boundaries, give time to think, and don’t force them to do something they don’t want to do.  If you’re really interested in using a toy in the bedroom, begin with a finger and only touch the outside of their anus.  Allow your partner to get use to it, even if they’re absolutely interested because that doesn’t mean their body is ready to handle it.  Don’t ruin it for either of you before you’ve even had the chance to try it!


PLEASE DON’T USE ANAL EAZE!  I know we sell it in the store as people do prefer it but I always recommend using other products first.  Use lots of lube – YOUR ANUS IS NOT SELF LUBRICATING.  Pjur has a product called Backdoor that they state can double as vaginal lube, but it has an ingredient that allows the anus to relax AND DOESN’T DESENSITIZE.  Again, if it’s painful, stop what you’re doing.  If you can’t feel anything, how can you tell something is wrong?  Be patient with yourself and your partner.  As I mentioned, I am a fan of all anal play and it took me a while to get accustomed to anal play.   Also, go sloooooooooow.  Trust me, fast is NOT what either of you will want to do in this situation.  I still don’t just shove any ol’ plug up there quickly.


Some house keeping tips I recommend are: keep it clean – you can use a douche or enema before hand.  It may not be necessary, but sometimes this removes the discomfort and insecurity you may feel when pulling out the plug.  I prefer grooming and would recommend it as well.  Hair can get caught on the toy on the way in or out and it doesn’t matter what type of hair you rip out of your skin, its ALWAYS gonna hurt.  Dingleberries are also a real thing and with couples play, no one wants to encounter them.  The Ditto wouldn’t necessarily work as vaginal toy but with any toy or switching things up during sex, do NOT go from anal to vaginal and be EXTREMELY cautious with anal to oral.  I would even recommend not doing that as infections are no fun.  Would you like to end up on “Sex Sent Me to the ER”?  You ask: “Whose putting toys in their mouth after using them?” ME. I DO.  And it make’s Lance think I’m sucking another guy off while he’s dick deep in my vagina and he enjoys that so thank you for asking.  Most importantly – CLEAN AFTER EVERY USE.  Although this product is pure medical grade silicone, if you don’t clean it well enough, who knows what bacteria you’re leaving on your toys.  Plus, if you do happen to have any bodily products left on there, you may be wondering who or what defecated in your room.



I have mentioned some of the features of the Ditto – silicone, app capabilities, and the remote control – but I did want to mention some other as well.   The We-Vibe website actually has some nice user information on there and there is an electronic user manual just in case you “lose” it (okay, but who really keeps those things anyway?).  It comes in 2 colors – midnight blue and purple – and if you’re like me, you’ll appreciate the move away from the pink.  It is waterproof, rechargeable, and it does have an indicator for low battery, which is nice – not all rechargeable toys indicate they’re dying and they’ll just start slowing down or stop completely.  This We-Vibe product has a 2 year warranty (gotta love em!) and they’ve even gone the extra step and let you know that the normal charge time is 90 minutes and the charge lasts for up to 2 hours.  The only downside to this product would be its price.  Whether you buy from the site or from our store, its $130.  It’s a great product and with great features and has this amazing capability to keep couples close when their far away, but unless you plan on putting it to real use and investing that money, I wouldn’t recommend this particular toy.



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