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we vibe synce 2 in purple
We-Vibe Sync 2

OOOOOOOH let me tell YOU how thrilled I was to get a chance to review the new and improved We-Vibe Sync 2! The Sync was something I originally purchased a few years back when they had their limited edition anniversary collection (with a limited edition color for the sync and Tango) and I was thrilled to have such an amazing combo! We were all so sad when they discontinued the original Sync because we did think it was a good product so you can imagine our surprise when We-Vibe told us they were bringing it back and better than ever (not that they really needed to cause it was perfect just the way it was)! However, I was wrong because the biggest update they provided was…. a silicone remote! Wait – why is that so cool? BECAUSE when you’ve been in this industry long enough, those are the cool updates we want to see! No more sling-shooting a plastic remote out of your hand when its covered in lube. The Sync 2 also comes in a few new colors but we wanted to share it in it’s purple color because it’s beautiful (but let’s be real, they’re all sooooo pretty).

Give Us The Juicy Part!

Well, since you asked so nicely (ahem, a please would be appreciated every once in a while…), I’ll tell you! I did what I’ve done before – made sure this thing sat snuggly up in my bits and used a dildo to make sure this wasn’t gonna go anywhere at a slower pace. At this point I’m just practicing with it and making sure it is adjusted to me the way I know it’ll work with my body shape perfectly. The Sync 2 has one adjustable spot closer to the head of the vibe which is something I can always appreciate because as many toy owners and sales associates know – toys aren’t always one size fits all (not even most)!

Now my first time using it with Big Cream was a little different as I used it on myself while he just helped stimulate my other erogenous zones and without skipping a beat, I had experienced a wonderful orgasm that I could feel in my whole lower half! This vibrator is smaller but mighty in that it has deeper vibrations. That only excited me more to be able to use it with him in the way ‘it is intended’ which is penetrative P-in-V sex. Whew I’m getting hot just thinking about it…

Intended Use

We-Vibe Sync 2

So here is where things take a turn. When we did use this toy – we didn’t love it. I had a harder time experiencing Cream as he did me and I didn’t orgasm as quickly as I would have using another toy or just it on myself… in fact, I used it on myself as I did before in order to orgasm. It was slightly disappointing which makes me wonder why did I enjoy it last time but not this time? It could be that I was a different body shape before or was it because I actually enjoy feeling Cream and was disappointed the vibrations didn’t allow me to do so? On the flip side, he didn’t enjoy it either. I feel bad writing this because We-Vibe is such a great brand, but it is a reminder that some toys just aren’t our cup of tea unlike others and just because I like things within this brand does not mean I will like ALL of the brand. And that’s okay. It’s still a great quality toy, just not for me. Or us.

Tech Saavy

I think I would still recommend the Sync 2 but only for specific people: despite it being able to be used in multiple way by anyone, it is intended for heterocouples who are engaging in penis-in-vagina sex. It wouldn’t be worth the small investment you make unless you are going to use it for that purpose AS well. Also, the tech saavy person would be a good person to gift it to because of all the things you can do on the app! Yes, it comes with the remote (which I do love), but the investment is in that app (which is user friendly for anyone to use)! Should I start doing ratings on these blogs? If I did, I’d probably give it 3 out of 5 vibrators.

Stay Sexual!

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