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blush wellness eternal wand
Blush Wellness Eternal Wand

One thing I know I have shared with you in the past is that I am a bigger person and I do try and take into consideration mobility and dexterity issues with product as well (I am mostly temporarily an able-bodied person but that can change with the weather some days). The thing that I haven’t shared at this point in in recent months is that I am currently an even bigger bodied person due to also being pregnant. It’s not something I share lightly or often, but I am sharing it because I wanted to use something and take my belly into the most consideration during this time. The product that seemed to best fit? The Blush Wellness Eternal Wand! I do believe this was under Blush as another brand years ago, but has since been brought back as part of their Wellness line. I was ecstatic to bring it in because the look of it – it doesn’t take much to recognize it was certainly developed with specific people in mind and in a good way!

Bigger Bodies and Dexterity Issues

Statistically, most of the US is overweight, however that can mean just about anything. However, similar to clothes and seatbelts and other things, toy are also made with only slimmer and able-bodied people in mind. The Wellness Eternal Wand tackles the issue of both someone with a a bigger body and OR dexterity issues (i.e. not being able to move their arms well, arthritis causing painful movements, etc). For someone with a bigger bodied, especially right now, my belly does get in the way and sometimes makes it hard for me to reach or bend in certain ways in which I usually enjoy during solo or partnered play. With the Wellness Eternal Wand, I can just lay back and simply place the wand in the right spot! The cool thing about this wand? The bottom is flat so it still lays perfectly still on your clit or vulva and you don’t have to worry about it rocking or rolling off! Not having to bend myself in half (or barely a 1/4th of the way currently), was the best feeling I’ve had in the past several months. Now the dexterity part – again this is something I do normally have to actively think of as for the most part I am an able-bodied person. We have carried toys that were light to handle and shaped in a way that made it easier for someone to use, but the Wellness Eternal Wand is not as light as one would hope. However, Blush had to have taken that well into consideration because it comes with a remote!!!! And honestly, if the flat head of the wand wasn’t my favorite part, this certainly would be. The way that the wand lays on you, it does still 1) cover up the buttons and 2) is still farther away from you on the handle of the wand. Maybe there was a reason for it, I don’t know, but the remote is certainly an amazing feature. It is as light as a feature and circular in shape (but smaller than the palm of your hand still making it easy to hold). Also, it not only changes the intensity or the patterns of the wand, the row of dotted lights on the remote itself will tell you if its speed (and if so, what level) or pattern (and what pattern). I am truly in AWE about the thought that went into this wand and it’s features.

Blush Wellness Eternal Wand

Can I Still Get Some Satisfaction?

Aside from the pregnancy thing (that would be a story all in itself), I absolutely got a ton of satisfaction from the Eternal Wellness Wand! Here’s the thing: sure, I love me my air pulse toys and probably enjoy them the most, and why? Because sometimes I just need a quick fix and I am lazy about it. Wands are my next go-to and that’s because they’re the next powerful vibes I enjoy. The Eternal Wellness Wand not only complete with majority of the wands I have already, but beats every single one I own. It is not only because of the power behind it but because I can ACTUALLY be lazy with it and I am SO EXCITED FOR IT. I can lay back and just let it do it’s thing, or on my side, OR… if I’m feeling spicy, I can be face down ass up and hold it while with King Big Cream. OR EVEN SIT ON MY KNEES. The possibilities are endless, but at the same time there are so many more available that there was before. Despite what seems like a hefty price tag, it absolutely is worth it. The quality it great, the people who realistically can use it (yes, penis owners too) is extensive, it can be used during solo or partnered play or even just to relax as a body massager. The only downside to this is it’s too big for my side table… so I’ll have to keep it in my other drawers. Ah well, it’s worth it!

Stay Sexual!

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