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Lady Genevieve

OOOOOOH when I TELL YOU that I was SO EXCITED to see this product in the “coming soon” section of one of our distributors page I was showing EVERYONE what was coming. I didn’t even get to TRY this product yet and I was asking Naomi CONSTANTLY when are we getting it it?! When we finally got a box in from Wicked themselves, I immediately started asking social media what they were excited to smell as if they could smell them through their phone screens. The product I am talking about is their new Sensual Massage Creams! These creams come in Orange Blossom & Patchouli, Sage & Sea Salt, and Stripped & Bare (unscented) and I’ll let you guess which one I am most excited for and see if you guessed correctly by the end of this blog!

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Wicked Massage Creams

A Little Back Story

I actually want to share a little backstory about how I *believe* these formulas were created. So, way back when (honestly it wasn’t THAT long ago), the Wicked Masturbation Creme was a thing (and a very good thing). Penis owners and the people who occasionally stroked it for them really enjoyed this formula and had only great things to say about it. Soon after I started back up at Fantasy Gifts NJ, we noticed that it starting saying “masturbation and massage cream” and we were like, wait… what? Naomi went to a regional meeting and it was discussed that they added the massage part to the packaging because so many people told them they used it for that purpose as well and it was incredible! But, despite the great multi-use for that particular cream, I think the gendered scripts of the ‘masturbation’ part still kept everyone from purchasing this solely for massage purposes. And with that.. the creams were born….

Like A Kid in A Candy Store

Sage & Sea Salt Wicked Massage Cream

I obviously don’t mind giving Big Cream a massage but I was definitely more excited this time around because I got to use all 3 Wicked massage creams on him (hehehe). The first I used was the Orange Blossom & Patchouli on one thigh, the Sage & Sea Salt, and then the Stripped and Bare (just because). Unfortunately he was all stuffed up to tell me what he thought of the smells, but I can tell you myself. First off – I don’t normally like the smell of patchouli and only because it’s really strong for me (I can’t stand any musky or earthy scents but I also can’t walk into a Yankee Candle without wanting to pass out from a migraine). But I will say, it’s not too bad with the orange blossom. They do mix very well and that’s a lot coming from me who usually only likes fresh or cupcake scents. The Sage & Sea Salt smelled amazing and I can’t honestly tell you what I thought it was going to smell like (so I was very interested in this one) and the best way I can describe it to you as a spa (but not chlorine spa, like the eucalyptus spa smell). And of course, the Stripped & Bare is unscented but still important for us sensitive bitches. As for the feeling – wow. They could probably compete with JO’s All-in-One Massage Glide that I love so much! It lasted a good amount of time (my arms started hurting a little) and didn’t feel gross or sticky after which is nice for when you’ve taken a shower already and you’re too comfy to retake one.

Overall, this would be a product I highly recommend for anyone – I mean the only downside I can think of is that you can use it as masturbation cream for penis-owners but not vulva-owners. So for me, that’s not enough to says its geared towards a specific gender identity or sexuality. I mean, you could even use it in a platonic way! Listen, I would absolutely find every which way to gift this to my friends! Listen, these keep selling out so make sure you get them as soon as possible. Also, I was very excited for the Sage & Sea Salt and I am not disappointed whatsoever (if you were still wondering).

Stay Sexual!

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