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Lady Genevieve

I love when I get to ask King Big Cream to help me with the penis-owner toys – he’s picked up very quickly on what information I need to best guide you on this exploration of sexual health and wellness!  This time we (yes, we are one at this point) got to play with Zolo’s Heatstroke.  Okay, okay.. admittedly I made a joke or two about the name, but I get why they chose it.  Let’s start off with the usual mechanics of this stroker and then to the good parts (pretend I inserted the purple mischievous devil emoji here).

Alright, so the Zolo is a stroker is made of ABS plastic which means it is a little more rigid product, but offers great resistance to heat, which is what this toy needs to function (I mean, duh).  The pink sleeve is silicone so no silicone-based lubes when using please!  Within the stroker, the silicone has a beaded texture for stimulation as soon as you insert you/your penis. It comes with an ergonomic handle and on the handle, you will see 3 buttons and an itty bitty titty LED screen.  The buttons are: the power button, a pound sign/hashtag, and then a thermometer.  The power and the thermometer buttons have their obvious jobs – but what does the pound sign/hashtag button do?   I have NO ficken idea.  I pushed it multiple times, I held it down as if it had a safety lock, I even held it up to my ear like a dang seashell I found down the shore so I could see if it changed the vibration patterns but NADA.  My guess is that it is supposed to change the vibrations (there is supposed to be 6 different kinds) but even Big Cream said he noticed no difference when using it.****

On the screen, you can see the battery life (awesome), a squiggly line to indicate the vibrations are on, four ‘0’z in a row, and then space for the thermometer when that is turned on (it is not set to heat up as a default feature).  What are the zeros for, you ask?  Well, it’s a stroke counter of course!  The way Zolo describes it – it can be used to help with endurance.  Now, not saying that it can’t be done with any other stroker, however, this is the first time I’ve seen any stroker capitalize on such a normal concept (good for Zolo!).

****With future investigation, the power button changes the vibrations and the hashtag resents the stroke counter AND THIS MY FRIENDS IS WHAT HAPPENS WHEN YOU CAN’T LOCATE THE INSTRUCTIONS MANUAL.

As promised – the story that will really sell this product!  Alright so when Big Cream came in to possession of this item, he went straight home and I didn’t even hear from him for a while until he finally texted me with a review – actually he sent two different ones.  The first was his pre-use review.  He said he noticed that there was no speaker (he really enjoyed the moaning feature from the last Zolo toy).  He also said he already liked the handle/shape of it. Hours later, I got the full picture (and sadly, no, I did not get any real pictures or videos of this event).  He stated that it was ‘too tiny for his cock’ (which I expected with the type of material compared to something softer like a Fleshlight).  It made it hard to do much manual stroking which is weird since it has a stroke counter on the LED display. The warming feature was perfect in mimicking the temperature of me when we’re having sex (aww so sweet).  He loved the handle on this stroker because it was far less bulky – I see this as why it is so tight, so you win some you lose some, right?  Overall, he did enjoy this toy and will continue to use it, but he does prefer the Zolo Rechargeable Automatic Blowjob Vibrating Machine – you remember, the toy with the ridiculous but very accurate name.

This one is a bit of a tossup.  It does have great features and is overall great quality, which make sense for its price BUT it is also so rigid which can potentially decrease its users because they won’t be able to get the best experience from this toy.  I would recommend either going for a less expensive product that is similar (which Zolo ALSO sells), OR if you’re fine with price and don’t need the warming sensation– go with the automatic bj machine.   It is also an easy clean, but the sleeve isn’t removeable so if discretion is your priority when you need to clean your products, this probably wouldn’t be the best product for you.  Either way, Zolo has really glowed up with its products and you can’t go wrong with majority of what they produce!

Stay sexual!


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