Lady Genevieve Sex Toy Review Evolved Glitterific

I just had the chance to try and give a sex toy review on the Glitterific. Evolved has birthed a line developed from every 90s-girl’s nostalgic dreams – a light-up, glitter, globe-like handle that reminds me of the water filled tubes that would slip out of your hand (not Fleshlights and other pocket pussies don’t remind me of those either).  Evolved’s line includes Dazzle (a wand), Sparkle (internal only), and Glitterific (a rabbit) and as much as I wish I could say I reviewed the Dazzle, I got to know Glitterific.  Now, before you assume I’m going to bash this toy in particular, I did actually enjoy it, so I hope you will keep reading because if you’ve been with me since the beginning, it is very hard for me to be impressed by a rabbit toy.

Glitterific Vibrator

Let me start off with the technical stuff first – silicone, 5 year warranty, USB rechargeable, 2 motors (one in shaft, one in clitoral part), 10 vibes (3 speeds and 7 patterns), and waterproof.  Some differences in this toy from other Evolved toys is that this is a one-button toy.  One button to turn on, to turn off, and to change the functions.  Sometimes I do believe that the simpler, the better, and I do believe that in this case. 

I’ve had some people come back to the store or call in asking how the change functions or turn on and off because there will be 2 or 3 buttons and they don’t necessarily make sense to newbies and even some vets.  It is a large silver circle with the universal “power” symbol and it is easy to feel out when you’re not looking.  The only disadvantage to this is that the motors can not be put off separately, which may be uncomfortable for some – so definitely take this into consideration before buying. 

evolved glitterific bottom

Another aesthetic I wanted to bring up (not that it truly affects the toy’s functionality) is that the light at the bottom does not change colors or speed with the function in use of the toy.  Evolved has been using colors to determine speed/function in other toys and if that has been helpful for remembering your favorite vibration, it will do no service here (still cute though!).

I’m not one that normally likes the textures on the shafts of toys because even when appropriately lubed up, I feel like the bumps or grooves literally and figuratively rub me the wrong way.  However, Glitterific has very small swirling groves along the shaft and they’re more pleasurable than other textures I’ve ran (masturbated?) into.  The tip of the clitoral stim still felt to weaken the vibes for me, however, it was not as largely decreased as others.  The vibes in the shaft were still not my favorite and occasionally threw me off if i accidentally hit close to my cervix (but I blame that sensitivity and paranoid on my IUD). This actually brings me to point out that it is more flexible so it can move with your body, especially if a partner is using it on you.

evolved glitterific side view

Overall, I probably did spend more time shaking the handle to make it look pretty than using it, but that’s because it got the job done quickly just as I would expect my faves to do for me!

This toy is a little more difficult to be “gender neutral” in the sense of any gender using it – it is more geared towards younger cis-women and cis-women who are new to using adult toys.  With it’s moderate pricing and the good quality that is always found with Evolved’s products, it is absolutely worth it as your first, your 5th, or your 40th toy in your collection.  I know you’ll be happy as a clam with this one (hehe, clam… vibrator… get it? ehh.. new year, still sucky jokes). Overall, its a positive sex toy review of the Glitterific.

Stay sexual! 

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