Lady Genevieve Talks Massage Oils

Lady Genevieve Talks Massage Oils

Massage Oils – there’s a lot of them on the market.  But if you’re looking for a whole body, sensual experience, Lady Genevieve disses on her experience with Nuru, System JO and other massage products.  Find out which products were a hit, and which ones struck out!

I was going to focus solely on the Nuru massage – and although my stories surrounding these massages could give me material for at least 10 minutes at a stand-up comedy show – its not something that is not done frequently.  So I decided to talk about the various experiences I’ve had with a few different types of massages and oil.

Let me begin by saying that by no means giving someone a massage HAS to result in any sexual activity.  It absolutely can go down that path, but this is more of a sensual and relaxing activity with a partner than sexual.  Honestly, I probably have used more massage oil in my sexually active life than lube.  We are social animals that need to be touched and not just in that sexually arousing way, its also comfort, discovery, and therapeutic in general.

We’ve only used the Wet Nuru massage twice before I had written this blog and both instances were quite comical in trying to get the hang of it.  The first time, I took heed from a fellow coworker and a college friend that we needed to keep as low to the ground as possible.  Both of these women had “slip and slide”-ed off their beds.  The Wet Nuru massage kit comes with a higher concentration of massage oil than when just purchasing the bottle so you need to add lots of water to dilute the oil.  I couldn’t find my blow-up mattress, but we still opted for the hard wood floor thinking this would be the best way to avoid a concussion.  I swear this massage made me think my house was slanted with how we kept sliding all over the place towards one wall in particular.  We did laugh for a lot of the session, but it never took away from the sensuality we were also experiencing.  The way we got to slide all over each other and take care of each other and get to know each other’s bodies like it was the first time we’ve touched really made that night special.  Granted, it was a romantic night all around, but that was the absolute highlight.

The 2nd time around, it was a little easier to control ourselves on the sheet.  We did use an air mattress which helps a little more when massaging each other and obviously makes things much softer under you, but it’s no better when walking on both the mat AND the mattress.  We still felt that incredible sensual bond from the first time and it did not feel any less special than it did the first time.  I will say, this may be due to our relationship and how well we work together, but it doesn’t mean these moments are never needed.  It feels like there’s no rush and we can take our time.  Sex and orgasms haven’t been the goal (but yes it has ended there) when we’ve used the Nuru kit and that makes that it that more about the moment than anything else.  And before you say “But Lady Genevieve, there’s Nuru porn out there. And isn’t it about sex to begin with?!” You’re right, there is Nuru porn and yes they have sex in those videos and YES there is a sexual component to them but they are also made to create such strong stimulation to relieve stress. Sex and stress relieve go hand in hand, penis in vagina, penis in butthole… You know where I’m going with this.

You’re probably wondering about the clean up and I think it’s been pretty easy thus far.  The first time I did throw out my sheet because I didn’t feel I had time or a place to rinse it off and store it.  It’s a pretty thick and sturdy sheet so this time I rinsed it off and let it dry before storing it away.  The oil also rinses off VERY easy with just water.  If you’re looking to spice things up in the bedroom but don’t want to spend a lot of money and aren’t comfortable with a toy – I HIGHLY recommend this product.

As I stated, Nuru is a once in a while treat for someone like me, so my partner and I tend to go with regular massages often – about 3-4 times a week.  But less than half of these result in sex and that is perfectly fine.  Let me repeat that – IT IS PERFECTLY FINE NOT TO HAVE SEX AFTER A MASSAGE IF YOU’RE BOTH ON THE SAME PAGE.  If you’re not and one is expecting the other, that’s a different story and you may need to communicate better.  I received a sample of System Jo All-in-One Sensual Massage Glide Warming OH MY ORGASM IT IS AMAZING.  It smells like peppermint and it’s silicone-based so it lasts VERY LONG. My hands and arms hurt before I rub all the oil in and that could take about 30 mins, 45 minutes, and sometimes a hour after we take a break and I go back to massage him and ITS STILL THERE.  It’s also easy to get off when washing – I will say I’ve been in a pinch where I didn’t have time to shower and it did not feel sticky or make me feel hot after I put clothes on over it.  These bottles can last you a long time because of the small amount you need to use in one sitting.  PLEASE get yourself a Jo massage glide (they have a couple of different scents) and they all smell very nice, not too powerful.

Speaking of Jo, they produce the Dona line.  It’s a more feminine/cute looking line with kissable massage oils, lingerie wash, pheromone sprays, and kissable massage candles.  I love Jo’s products to death, but I am very displeased with their Kissable Massage Candle.  At work, we all LOVE the smell of these candles and have been dying to try them.  Lancelot came in with me and he decided he wanted to try it (for the record, I love candle wax so I was excited he wanted to explore this without me prompting him).  We took it home and decided that we would try it out in a more sensual aspect that sexual.  The smell and the idea of these candles are more intriguing than they’re actually worth.  As soon as the “oil” starting drying, it became more wax-y and hard to use for a massage.  It was also hard to pour and became messy when putting the candle down to let it burn again.  Lancelot did not had too much of an issue in getting the wax off.  I’m not sure if it’s due to the smaller amount I used on him or the fact I spread it out more on him, but I had an AWFUL time trying to get the wax off my body.  I was SCRAPING it off of me and the shower didn’t help.  I had layers of wax coming off of my skin and sitting under my nails.  I had so much candle wax in my belly button; I could have made a new candle with it.  As sexy as this idea is, and again, as much as I love Jo, this is a HELL NO for me.

I know this may be a lot to process, but I think this is a very important read for many of you out there and probably one of the more important ones I’ll write. Intimacy isn’t just about sex and penetration and orgasms, it’s about having that bond and moment of vulnerability with someone special.  I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again, FOREPLAY IS IMPORTANT and if you can’t seem to totally remove the immediate desire for sex from it, then just give it more time in the bedroom.  I promise you wont regret it.

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