Lady Genevieve Reviews the Satisfyer Partner

Lady Genevieve

The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result.  OR, you’re a scientist and want to be sure your results aren’t a fluke.  The dislike for the Tryst had not only been proved by using it repeatedly (as I do prior to writing my blog), but also proven using the Satifyer’s Partner Multifun 1.  Ugh, I hated typing that since I really do enjoy Satifyer’s products…. but it is true, I really can do without this particular toy in their Partner line.

Satisfyer came out with two different versions of this couples toy – the baby blue Multifun 1 (which is shaped very similarly to the Tryst) and the light pink Multifun 2. I chose to take on the Multifun 1 because I wanted to have a legitimate comparison between the two companies and because baby blue.  When I threw the box at Lance, he straight up looked confused because he thought we tried that exact toy already.  We did a power comparison and they both seemed to put out the same intensitiy, but the Satisfyer was a little noiser.  This might be due to the fact that the Satisfyer has a wider base, wider middle space, shorter arms, and not as-bulbous tips on the arms. The tips on the Satisfyer do feel a little more intense, but that’s likely because it doesn’t have those bulbs of silicone to soak up the vibrations.  The buttons on the Satisfyer do have better placement that those on the Tryst.  The Tryst has their same-sized buttons right next to each other and although the numbers “1” and “2” are on each respectively (and they light up when on), you still have to feel them out to change your settings.  With the Satisfyer, the buttons are also the same size and they have 1 dot for the base and 2 dots for the arms, they’re distance apart is very helpful.  There is also a crease in the shape of the toy to help guide your hands to where they’re going.  It is also rechargeable like the Tryst, BUT it uses magnets to charge so you know it has a better chance of survival with water than the Tryst.

As far as our experience goes, it was virtually the same as last time – I threw it off Lance and onto the floor within a minute.  The box the Satisfyer comes in DOES show all the positions that one can use with this toy, but after looking at it, you can only really use it in 3 positions during sex AND they’re definitely more for penis-in-vagina intercourse. And one of them you’re still holding it rather than wearing it.  The amount of positions I do and also prefer to the ones they place on the box? I should have really sat down and looked at those diagrams before I purchased either of these items. Rather than enhancing our experience that night, it felt like it placed a barrier in between us.  We still adjusted like before and still tried to use it in foreplay and I really just couldn’t change my mind about these toys – the suck and not in the good kind of way.  If you’re still interested in trying this couples toy after you’ve read both my blogs, I would still go with the Satisfyer just because it has a better price range for the disappointment you’re possibly risking.  Again, these are just my opinions and I know there are a few people who have said they loved it, but I’m starting to think they got paid to say those nice things.

On positive thing I can write today is that System Jo just released 3 new lubricants – Bubble Gum, Cotton Candy, and Butterscotch Flavored Candy.  I just bought the Cotton Candy flavor and I am OBSESSED.  I am going back to my own store and purchasing the other two as soon as they open.  It doesn’t appear that they’re limited edition like some of the holiday flavors they made, BUT I grabbed the last Cotton Candy and it seems like they’re already flying off the shelf so get them quick just in case.  It appears they only come in one size and just as a reminder, if you are prone to or already have a yeast infection, stay clear from these.  Otherwise, BON APPETIT! 

Stay Sexual.

The Satisfyer Multifun 1 has had a name change to Satisfyer Endless Love. Updated 8/2/23.

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