We’ve all seen some interesting customized license plates on the roads, but there were more than 1,400 vanity plate submissions rejected last year in New Jersey because they were vulgar, insulting, or otherwise NO-GOOD. Obtaining a personalized license plate seems easy enough. The MVC requires that you own a vehicle and have not had your license revoked or suspended. You also can’t have any DWIs, or convictions for vehicular homicide. But coming up with a unique phrase that the MVC approves of may be a challenge. Personalized plates that are too vulgar, too long, or already taken can be rejected by the MVC.

The vanity plate application spells out these conditions, warning applicants not to submit any combo of letters and numbers “that may carry connotations offensive to good taste and decency.” Swear words and sexual euphemisms are not allowed on vanity plates, no matter how someone tries to hide the word with numbers or acronyms.

Our Favorite Rejects from the List

  • N8K3D
  • BO0TY (and B00TY)
  • P55YWGN

*This article was modified by a original post from The Patch on May 15, 2023.

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