As well all adjust to this new normal, make sure to take time for yourself and your partner and practice love in the time of corona. We know it’s not easy, but every family member will need some private time so in order to carve out time for yourself, set some boundaries.

Make sure you have a “no barging in” bathroom policy. The bathroom should be strictly off limits. If you do not have a lock, put something on the door handle to let other family members know that the bathroom is in use. Refrain from other family members making any comments about bathroom time – your time in the bathroom is yours to take care of any personal business you need to! So while you’re in there – try a waterproof toy!

Bedrooms should also have a strict “knock before you enter” rule. Try setting a mandatory nap time when everyone retreats to their bedrooms to rest for an hour each day. Even if you do not have locks on the bedroom doors, set a timer or an alarm so that everyone in the family knows they are not aloud to leave their rooms until the alarm goes off!

Spring is here and that means warmer temperatures so why not take it outside? A park or even your backyard – there are less people around than ever so why not take advantage of the quiet and bring your sex life back to nature! If you’re still feeling shy you can wait until the sun goes down. Best of all – no bugs yet!

Relive your teenage years and try having sex in the car again. Make a date out of it – set up your tablet on the dash and it’s a drive in movie!

Now more than ever we need not only the release that sex can bring, but also the intimacy. If we practice good love during the time of corona, we can ensure good love after corona too!

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