Lovense Debuts AI ‘Pleasure Companion’ Using ChatGPT Integration

Lovense Debuts AI 'Pleasure Companion' Using ChatGPT Integration

Lovense has introduced a new “pleasure companion” feature integrated with OpenAI’s ChatGPT API.

The “pleasure companion” feature is available through the Lovense Remote App, which also syncs to Lovense products and to Bloom audio erotica content.

A Lovense rep told tech news site Hypebeast that the ChatGPT integration will enable users to “personalize their in-app and sex toy experience to their physical and emotional preferences.” 

The setting is still in beta mode, the rep noted, but should merely require users to share their desired scenarios with the Lovense ChatGPT Pleasure Companion.

“It takes care of the rest,” the rep explained. “From delicate vibrations to teasing and edging, or intense sensations for a quick finish, it caters to your preferences. The Lovense ChatGPT Pleasure Companion learns your pleasure patterns and adapts them to you.”

Lovense CEO Dan Liu added, “Our Advanced Lovense ChatGPT Pleasure Companion now allows you to design a story you want, to embody any of your fantasies or dreams, and to fully immerse you into them. With the help of our Companion, you are now able to create any stories and explore your sexuality and boundaries completely independently.”

Lovense is available at Fantasy Gifts NJ both in-store and online!

This article was taken and modified from an article that was originally published on June 14, 2023.

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