We know you have questions about which lubricant is right for you which is why we came up with our Lubricant FAQ. There are many different lubricants on the market. We pride ourselves on only stocking premium brands at Fantasy Gifts NJ. We are committed to helping you pick the best lubricant for whatever sexual situation you desire. Whatever your question, our Lubricant FAQ will help you find an answer!


Most but not all of the edible oils have a water based formula. A massage oil is made from almond oil or safflower oil and is usually scented. Massage oils do not evaporate like the water based products and stay slicker longer. We usually recommend an oil based product for massage and a flavored lotion for fun.


The wider range of available lubricants can be somewhat bewildering to the first-time consumer. Given that sex can come in many forms, it is important to choose a lubricant that best fits your needs.


This is one realm of sexual contact where some would think that no artificial lubrication is required. In many cases, this is true. Natural lubrication in the vagina usually occurs within 10 to 30 seconds of a woman becoming sexually aroused. However, some women experience a type of sexual dysfunction in which there is little or no mucus production, and penetrative sex can become uncomfortable or painful. Many more women experience the effects of “drying up”, especially after a lengthy period of lovemaking.

That said, vaginal intercourse with the aid of a water-based lubricant can heighten sensation and eliminate discomfort. Sliquid is one such lubricant. Even a small amount of the stuff is extremely slippery and can make the lovemaking experience heavenly. It’s slightly ‘thicker’ than water, sometimes necessitating repeated applications when it dries out. Oftentimes, however, the lubricating effect can be ‘reactivated’ by applying water with a spray bottle.

For those who demand a longer-lasting lubricant, the Wet line of products offer a slightly thicker substance that does not dry out as quickly as Sliquid. For an enhanced experience, try our premium lubricant Eros. Created in Europe, it is more costly than other brands but you will find a little goes a long way and the extra price is well worth the experience.

All of our water-based lubricants, when used with a condom, can enhance sensation for men. Simply apply a small dab on the head of the penis before applying the condom, and you will invariably find the increased friction makes wearing a condom something to look forward to!


Please, we implore you: Do not attempt anal intercourse without the aid of a lubricant. The rectal membrane is quite thin and does not lubricate naturally, and thus can be damaged without sufficient preparation. System JO and Wet both work equally well, although with Wet you may require repeated applications during the course of lovemaking. System JO will generally last longer during anal sex, but even still: liberally apply more than you think is necessary, top it off with a bit more for good measure, and you’re ready to go!


Many men find that masturbation is vastly improved with the use of a personal lubricant. Circumcised men in particular may require a personal lubricant, as the skin of the penis is less motile. No two men masturbate in exactly the same way, however, and the appropriate lubricant is simply a matter of choice. Experiment with a variety of lubricants, both silicone and water-based, until you find the one most desirable for you.


Men and women both may find that the use of sex toys necessitates the use of a personal lubricant. You’ll quickly discover that the outer shell of the many adult toys absorbs your natural lubrication making additional lubricant a must. Furthermore, sensation can be heightened if lubricants are used in conjunction with vibrators and dildos, for both penetration and exterior massage. With sex toys inserted into the anus, however, the use of lubricant is essential. Some lubricants are specifically formulated for toy use. Jellee’s are thicker and will cling to a toy.

Lubricants are constantly changing and evolving. New and improved formulas are introduced. Technology and ingredients continue to improve. As new products come to market, Fantasy Gifts NJ will continue to be here to answer all your Lubricant FAQ.