In one sense this covers all of the products we carry if they are used alone, but for purposes of this information page they will be defined in two categories one for Women and one for Men.


An item other then ones own hand that helps in self-stimulation. Usually focusing on the clitoris.
There are several types of toys that can go under this heading but we have covered Vibrators and Dildos, so this section will focus on Clitoral stimulators, small hand vibrators and items commonly know as Ben Wa Balls or Pleasure balls.

Pleasure Balls/Ben Wa Balls/Love Balls, no matter what you call them they are small weighted spheres that are inserted into the vagina so that rhythmic movement creates a pleasurable sensation. They can be used alone but some women use them with penetration toys or during intercourse. The balls are pushed to the side and create an extra feeling of fullness as they move between the cervix walls and the penis or Dildo. For some women, they create a sensation of being on the verge of an orgasm. Using additional toys to vibrate and stimulate the outer labia and clitoris can intensify the sensations. These toys are also great for targeted workouts of the pelvic floor for postpartum women and can help prevent incontinence by strengthening the surrounding muscles. Duo tone balls or other weighted balls that are connected to one another are designed for this purpose.

Fingertip Vibrators, these attach to your hand so that manual stimulation is given a boost. They’re compact toys that can be easily stored and that don’t really look all that sexual. They may come with a variety of attachments for added exploration and stimulation.

How to choose: Are you going to use the toys alone or with a partner? Other than the Pleasure Balls these work well either way! If you need a lot of clitoral stimulation to orgasm look for a powerful multi speed stimulator that can be used during intercourse or with a Dildo or another Vibrator during private play.

Care of: These toys can be made of a variety of materials, but a few tips are general enough to use for all. Remove batteries when not in use. This will prolong the life of your toy and if the batteries were to leak, protect you from chemical burns. Never share a toy with out cleaning and sterilizing between uses. Do not submerge toy or get battery compartment wet. Do not allow toys to touch one another when stored, they can react and stick together, turning your toys into a gummy mess.

Plastic: Wash accessories using an antibacterial soap and allow to dry thoroughly before storing. Clean outside with an antibacterial cleaner. Remembering to wipe down cords and allow to air dry completely before storage. Item may be wiped down with a toy cleaner for extra protection.

Vinyl/Jelly: Wash accessories using antibacterial soap and water and allow to dry thoroughly before storage. Wipe down the exterior of the battery case if needed be sure to keep any fluids out of battery compartment. Remember to wipe down cords. Allow to air dry completely before storage. Item may be wiped down with a toy cleaner for extra protection. Do not use petroleum base lubricants with these toys.

Silicone:  Items without batteries like love balls may be boiled or put in the top rack of the dishwasher. Do not use Silicone lubricants with Silicone toys. Other methods for cleaning: Use an antibacterial soap and water to clean, pat dry and allow to air dry completely.

Cyberskin/Softskin/Realskin:  Wash with an antibacterial soap and water, allow to air dry completely. Dust with cornstarch or manufacturers suggested product to restore its non-sticky smooth texture.



Items in this category include Sleeves and Realistic vagina and/or Anus replicas. Full size dolls with realistic inserts are also a part of this category. They can be manual use or have a vibrating mechanism, usually a bullet type vibrator. We also carry a sleeve with an USB port for use with your computer.

Sleeves: These are stretchy tube shaped devices which come in a variety of shapes and materials. Some are simple tubes of Cyberskin or other materials that the penis is inserted into while stroking as in the traditional method. Others have more elaborate openings with a vaginal or anal entrance. They can have beads or nubs encased in the material for added stimulation.

Replicas:  Full size dolls with inserts or just the Vagina and or Anus, these come in generic female models and ones that have been molded from real adult film stars. Many are made from Cyberskin or similar material because of its similarity to real skin.

How to choose: Price, materials, and what it looks like, or should I say, does it work on the most important sexual organ: your brain. These are the criteria we use when purchasing. If you’re looking for something easy to store and clean, pick up a smaller sleeve. These are also less expensive. Cyberskin and Silicone warm up to body temperature for a more realistic feel. Dolls and Replicas increase the fantasy aspect but as they are larger pieces and as they can be modeled after a film star, tend to be more expensive.

Care of:  Always remove any vibrating device before cleaning. Make sure to use the correct lubricant for your toy. Do not allow toys to touch while in storage as they will stick together, creating a gummy mess.

Vinyl/Jelly:  Wash with an antibacterial soap and water, allow to air dry thoroughly before storage. Do not use a petroleum-based lubricant. A toy cleaner may be used for additional protection.

Silicone: These are top rack dishwasher safe, they can also be wiped down with a 10% bleach solution. Wash with antibacterial soap and water. Pat dry and allow to air dry completely. Do not use Silicone lubricants with Silicone toys.

Cyberskin and Similar Products: Wash with an antibacterial soap and water. A toy cleaner may be used for added protection. Pat dry and allow to air dry completely. Dust inside and out with cornstarch or manufactures product to restore the non-sticky smooth texture of your toy.

Note: Due to state or local legislation, we are unable to ship Toys to the following states: Alabama, Georgia, Mississippi, Texas, Utah, and Virginia.


Fun to Do and Fun to Write About

When doing the research for this section, the information fell into two general categories, how to and the history of masturbation.

Masturbation has a long history of being thought of as a bad or negative thing considered something done by mentally defective people in the 18th and 19th centuries. There is a lot of written material on how to prevent it, most of it very cruel and abusive, from tying down of hands, spiked rings and cages to genital mutilation and physical and verbal punishment. Continuing to the present as recently as 1994 when then President Clintons Surgeon General Dr. Elder was forced to resign/was dismissed for suggesting that Masturbation was normal and is a part of human sexuality.

It really has only been since the release of the Kinsey report in 1948 and the subsequent outing that masturbation is practiced by all genders, classes and ethnicities that masturbation is coming out of the sexual practices closet. Although many conservative social and religious groups still preach against it, the modern medical and physiological communities know masturbation to be a healthy part of everybody’s personal sexuality.

Masturbation is found in all age groups from infancy to adulthood. Planned Parenthood’s White Paper on Masturbation is an amazing reference.

The health benefits of masturbation are many; both physical and emotional. The most obvious being stress release. Preparing the body for continued sexual activity or as a substitute when a partner isn’t available for whatever reason. You can use masturbation as a sleep aid too, it helps the body and mind focus on it and not the previous day’s issues. Masturbation is a wonderful form of birth control. It also can help lessen menstrual cramps in some women. Masturbation is a normal healthy part of a person’s sexual well being, and being comfortable about your own body ands its needs helps promote a sense of personal satisfaction and a higher self esteem, and who doesn’t want more of that in their life!

Persons dealing with emotional and mental health issues are given masturbation as a tool to help with sexual dysfunctions from premature ejaculation in men and the inability to orgasm is women.

How to masturbate? Where do you even start with a question that has as many answers as there are persons alive on this planet? Each of you has bodies that will respond in their own unique way to masturbation. There are a few general guidelines to start with, though.

Know you body and learn where all the parts are. Men have it a bit easier here but ladies if you are not familiar with where everything is grab a mirror and learn where the labia, vulva and clitoris are. Locate the vaginal, anal urethra openings. Don’t forget the rest of your body during masturbation your whole body is your playground, thighs nipples whatever turns you on can be incorporated into your time. Pick a fantasy to help your mind and body get into the mood and make sure you have some alone time. Draw a bath and make an evening of it, pamper yourself light candles, burn incense, put on an adult dvd or chose some erotic book or magazine to help with your fantasy. Using a vibrator or toys during masturbation can give your hand and increase sensation.

Whether exploring with your hands or with toys, use a lubricant to help with stroking or insertion and to keep from chafing delicate tissues. Masturbation should not be uncomfortable or painful. Switch hands or take a break if needed. Thru practice and exploration you will learn what works and feels good for you and remember there is no “right or wrong way” to masturbate.