You might have looked at the title of this blog thinking “what the heck is that?” and don’t you worry, I will be telling you! But before I begin, I wanted to remind everyone that not every person finds the same things sexually appealing and that is okay! What is not okay is that we are not going to yuck anyone’s yum on this website or other social media aspects we throw out there because we are inclusive of kinks and fetishes and allow this to be a place of learning as well. Now, moving on to medical fetishism.

master series odax sensation wheel
Odax Sensation Wheel

What is Medical Fetishism?

Simply put, it is similar to gender, sexual preferences, and general attractions to people, medical fetishism (aka medfet) can fall on a spectrum. It might be a sexual arousal to the bedroom costumes and dressing up as the doctor or nurse (or seeing your partner play the part) or it could be the use of medical(-like) tools and acting out medical scenarios. One thing to remember about medical fetishism is that it is part of the BDSM community and falls more specifically into a dominant and submissive type of relationship.

rouge sounding rod
Rouge Stainless Steel Sounding Rod

What Would People Use?

Bedroom costumes don’t necessarily mean you have a fetish – rather can just be you trying out a fantasy! However, if saying “HELLLOOOO NURSE” is you’re thing, then grabbing a nurse costume or even throwing on some scrubs will do the trick. Other products? Well, they’ll be mostly stainless steel for example a Wartenberg sensation wheel or even using a sounding rod for catheter simulation. Fun fact – did you know there are dermatology tools that are the same exact look and, well, power as the Neon Electro Wand?

One thing to remember is that because this is a BDSM relationship, boundaries and expectations are absolutely required along with safety protocols and aftercare.

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