Menopause is Not a Sex Pause

Menopause is defined as the point in time when it has been 12 months since a vagina owners last period (at which should indicate a a complete stop in menstruation) and is a natural biological process (not a disease or disorder). On average, this happens around the age of 51, but can start naturally early as 45 or be due to a hysterectomy and anything starting earlier than 40 is considered premature menopause. What most people think is menopause (the hot flashes, hormone fluctuations, vaginal dryness, etc.) is actually the transition to menopause, which can be an uphill battle for many vagina owners and unfortunately the battle may not stop postmenopause because the lack of estrogen in an individuals system can place then at higher risk for things like heart disease and osteoporosis. All these changes may cause a vagina owner feel like they are less desirable and have a lower sex drive OR they can feel sexier and more free and have an increased sex drive after menopause has occurred. Fantasy Gifts is here to help to find ways to get you back in the mood or to express it even further!

For Starters….

Great Sex Starts Ay 50
Great Sex Starts At 50

Knowing what is going to work for you as you move into your premenopausal may actually be different from what you enjoyed during your earlier years, so it will take time and possibly trial and error before you find something that feels comfortable or makes your libido start going again. Talking to your doctor should be the very first step, but research should be your next – figure out what is normally tried and what might work best for you. You can start with Great Sex Starts At 50 with expert Jane Cox who specializes in dating and relationships after 50 or even pick up The Ultimate Guide to Sex and Disability which can help find positions to help reduce pain or fatigue during sex as well as help build back up your body image.

Another thing you may want to consider switching up the lube and topical formulas you are using if you are experiencing vaginal dryness. If you would like to use something daily that can help with day-to-day discomfort or intimacy, you can use JO Renew Vaginal Moisturizer or JO Agape Original which is a water-based silicone for vagina owners and is compatible with toys and condoms. Although we highly recommend water-based lubes because they are compatible with toys, realistically it may not be enough for someone experiencing vaginal dryness (and menopause is not the only thing that would cause this). With a more natural skin-to-skin sexual encounter, you may want to start using silicone lubes like Pjur and Uberlube (both HIGHLY recommended by doctors). If toys are going to be involved, you can consider a hybrid lubricant that won’t destroy the toy, but have the long-lasting effects of silicone lube. Speaking of toys…

Toys for Magic Moments

We-Vibe Melt

Of course toys are great to help getting in the mood or reaching climax after sex or during a mutual masturbation session, but which ones would be best to use? As far as material goes, smooth and silky silicone one of the best materials used in sex toys but it truly is going to be best for a vagina owner going through menopause, especially during any type of insertion of toys, dildos and dilators. This leads us to our next question: do you want to use an internal (insertable) product or looking for external (outside) stimulation for these intimate moments?

Wands and other clitoral stimulators/vibrators would also be great to use for a few reasons: 1) you don’t have to worry about this product to be silicone especially if you are finding insertion uncomfortable or on a budget 2) these tend to be lighter in weight and easier to move if you or your partner are experiencing symptoms like osteoporosis or arthritis and 3) we know most vulva owners orgasm with clitoral stimulation so it just makes sense! Some of the best wands to try would be the Magic Wand Mini or Gender X’s Flexi Wand which is very light weight. A lot of suction and air pulse toys are also great because many of them have ergonomic shapes that allow them to be held easier like the We-Vibe Melt or the VeDO Suki Clitoral Stimulator that fits easily in the palm of your hand.

Intimacy, or building back up to it, can come in various ways including a variety of games, massage products, and even lingerie. What is going to work for you can vary and the associates at Fantasy Gifts are always happy to help!

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