July 5th is National Bikini Day and there is no better product out there to prepare for this day than the Coochy lineCoochy is not only a shave line, it sells a full line of bath and body products. This is probably one of our most popular lines we sell and we have sold as long as we can remember.  What makes Coochy special? Put down your razor and listen up!

To Bush or Not To Bush

coochy shave cream in frosted cakeThe Coochy Rash Free Shave Cream is the staple product of the entire Coochy line and for good reason – it truly helps to prevent razor bumps and in grown hairs and it provides your skin with moisture.  In fact, the cream itself can act as an in-shower moisturizer if you’ve decided to embrace the bush! And don’t be fooled by the marketing of the brand name, Coochy cream works for men too! Use it on your face for beard maintenance or even as conditioner when in a pinch.

Protection In A Bottle

This is one product we do tend recommend purchasing the entire line because it will truly make a difference in your skin.  The After Shave Mist is a true lifesaver when it comes to those with sensitive skin! Just spray your skin when you may normally see razor burn and watch it protect for hours!  You can even use it on your skin when you haven’t shaved as a way to give it relief to skin irritation touching other materials such as jeans or sitting on fabric chairs.

Sweat Defense

Coochy Sweat Defense LotionCoochy is more than just for shaving – it’s for fighting against bodily responses.  Yes, sweating is normal, but it can surely put a damper on wearing a cute outfit or make dealing with a heat wave worse when you’re soaked in it. Coochy’s Sweat Defense is here to help!  Add it to any part of your body that might get a little sweatier than usual, like under boob or other pleasantly thick parts of your body like your thighs (RIP chub rub)!  This lotion to powder product is even TSA friendly so you can pack it n your carry-on for winter vacations to tropical destinations.

Fresh As A Daisy

Similar to sweating, certain smells are absolutely normal and we shouldn’t be shaming anyone for them. That doesn’t mean sometimes we need a refresher after a long day walking around or working out without the chance to take a thorough shower.  The Coochy Intimate Feminine Spray is safe enough for more skins and is produced to ensure that your pH stays balanced when using it.

Now you’re ready to protect that bikini line!

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